A bed for a girl or boy for a small room

A bed for a girl or boy for a small room. A small one, because unfortunately children’s rooms are never too big. Contrary to the needs of our children. A children’s room is probably the most multifunctional room in an entire apartment or house. At the same time, it is a room like no othe, that undergoes the most changes: from the birth of its tenant, to the moment when those in question leave the house and into the world.

A bed for a girl or boy – why is this choice so important?

łóżko w szafie dla dzieckaFor an average of 18 years of use, a children’s room undergoes many metamorphoses. First, there is a changing table, small cabinets for clothes, a baby cot, and a feeding chair. Every month there are more and more toys and other attractions for a fast-growing toddler. The expectations for the room are also changing. It becomes a place for rest, fun, but also for work and meetings with peers. There must also be room for more mundane functions: storing clothes, toys, books … So many requirements and needs to be fulfilled and room in one, small space!

Somewhere in the meantime, when our child grows out of the first crib, the question of what kind of bed to replace it also appears. Is it supposed to be a temporary cot or is it worth investing in a full-size bed? But the latter, although its user almost disappears into it at first, is usually very large. Too big for a small children’s room.

How to choose a bed so as not to clutter the children’s room?

łóżko z biurkiem

When our child becomes a preschooler, two pieces of furniture usually appear in his room. A larger, comfortable bed and a desk where our toddler spends more and more time every year. Both are quite large, if we choose full-size furniture, which is also used for the child at school. And the pre-school time is the moment when there are still plenty of toys and things in the room that are children’s “must have” and a good few more years must pass for the owner and owner to stop enjoying themselves, and thus disappear from the room.

How to reconcile such different needs? Without the need to redecorate a room in just 3 or four years? Our answer, as you can guess from the photos in the article, is a folding bed with a desk. More precisely, a wallbed with a desk. A perfect bed for a girl or boy of all ages. Why? We already explain.

A bed for a girl or boy such as the ClickBed Single

łóżko dla dziewczynki lub chłopca

Murphy bed with or without a desk is the most compact wall bed. Thanks to the horizontal arrangement of the mattress, it does not optically take up as much space in the room as his brother – a wall bed opening vertically. As you can see in the photos, it will fit perfectly in places where siblings opened vertically will not fit. Recesses, attic slopes, small wall height for a half-wall are places where a horizontally opened wall bed  works perfectly. So we have the first advantage: a small bed that is still a full-size bed.

The second advantage of this solution is ease of use. Even a few-year-old toddler can easily open them. Supported by actuators and dampers, it allows for easy and safe opening and closing of the mattress in just a dozen or so seconds. Safety is the third aspect of the bed, which we paid special attention to when creating it.

Parents often ask us if this type of bed is really safe and, for example, it will not unfold unexpectedly. Although this is not possible, because the structure of the bed holds it firmly vertically when closed, we have placed additional security measures in the front of the ClickBed Single. A lock that must be activated so that the bed begins to open and (with the distraction of the youngest in mind), a lock that opens with a traditional key.

A bed with a desk – additional space saving

It is not without reason that we previously mentioned two separate pieces of furniture that we combined into one. ClickBed Single gives you the choice – it can be a stand alone bed or a bed with a desk. The latter option, in our opinion, is optimal for a children’s room. We have a full size bed and a full size desk. Which takes up much less space in combination than as two separate pieces of furniture.

An additional advantage is the dimension of the desk top. There is a place for everything you need and do not, for work and play. When it’s time to rest, it disappears under the bed, and when the day comes, the bed disappears and the desk appears. Thanks to the mechanism used to open and close the piece of furniture, we offer one more convenience: the desk does not require removing any thing from it while opening the bed. And the bed does not require any bedding before closing.

Adults may not be pleased with this advantage, but the youngest ones will certainly …