Bed for a small bedroom in two arrangements

Bed for a small bedroom – its selection can be a real problem. The limited space of the room may at first reflect that there are few possibilities. We will build a full-size bed and we will somehow squeeze around it every day. And other necessary “bedroom” functions – space for storing clothes, space for changing them before bedtime or in the morning, we will compensate with a wardrobe in the hall and a changing room in the bathroom.

Does it have to be this way? In our opinion, no. We do not like compromises, they never bring full satisfaction to anyone. A small bedroom is no reason to give up its functionality. Nor losing the pleasure of being in it at any time of the day or night. You also do not have to move the walls or rearrange the apartments to gain additional space. All you have to do is decide on a multifunctional solution.

Bed for a small bedroom, such as the ClickBed V

łóżko do małej sypialni łóżko w szafieHere is our bed for special tasks that will work even in the smallest bedroom. Sometimes it is installed not even in a separate room, but in a recess that is to fulfill its functions. It also happens that it stands in the living room, e.g. on the wall between two windows. Then it is easy to hide them for the eye by hiding the furniture behind curtains.
aranżacja małej sypialni łóżko w szafie

Classic, without additional functionalities, available in any dimensions: from a single bed to a spacious double bed. The smooth front can be of any color and type of finish, additionally masking its presence in the space of the room. The bed is opened by means of discreet handles mounted to the front. And its opening or closing does not take more than a dozen or so seconds.

Although it is the simplest bed for a small bedroom we offer, it has all the amenities. A solid steel frame, gas cylinders, automatically opening and closing feet, slowdowns. In terms of aesthetics, it can be fitted with internal lighting, a comfortable headrest, and USB sockets. It works great in small bedrooms, children’s and teenagers’ rooms, all recesses and niches.

When choosing it, as in the case of any retractable bed that opens vertically, you should pay attention to whether it will have enough space when opening and closing it and not to interfere with e.g. lighting. But this detail is taken care of by us when designing the bed.

Bed for the bedroom, such as the ClickBed O Sofa

łóżko w szafie z sofą 140x200First, please take a look at the photo and imagine what this niche in the room would look like if there was a full-size bed in it … Every free square meter of space occupied without the possibility of changing the arrangement, hiding such a decorative and eye-catching floor and no free access to the bed on both sides of the mattress …

Our clients decided to arrange this room differently. Thanks to the choice of ClickBed O Sofa, they gained a comfortable space for relaxation and rest during the day, without giving up on having a full-size bed. And because this model is a wallbed that opens horizontally, both lying on it and getting up are easy.

łóżko w szafie z sofąA comfortable sofa, when closing the bed, it hides under its front. Its advantage is also the possibility to choose the width of the armrests and various types of backrests. As for the finishes, “imagination is the limit”. We offer several hundred types of any kind of material and leather upholstery. So our bed with a sofa will fit into any interior and its arrangement.

Where is this solution best?

In wide and shallow alcoves, in narrow rooms and in sloping attics. And last but not least. The horizontally hidden bed allows for additional building “above”. Thanks to this, we can use literally every centimeter of space, whether to store various things or for a strictly decorative function.