Bed for a small or large living room

łóżko do małego salonu łóżko w szafieBed for a small or large living room. First thought? Why would someone need a bed in the living room? And here we can surprise you, because the vast majority of our ClickBed wall beds go to living rooms. The reasons are different, let’s mention a few of them:

  • first apartment – studio; by design small and multifunctional at the same time; one space serves as a kitchen, dining room, living room, work room and bedroom.
  • small area – which, despite the changing times, is still the one most often chosen when buying a flat; then very often, as the family grows, parents give up their own bedroom for the sake of their children.
  • convenience – especially with small children, when ill, working online. It is good to have an additional place to sleep that does not take up too much space, but allows for collision-free and comfortable functioning during the day and night at home
  • space for guests – a murphy bed in the living room is often a guest bed, for which there is usually no separate space, let alone a room. Then, instead of offering a mattress or a sleeping mat, we can ensure the highest level of comfort in visiting our home.

The bed, depending on whether it is a small or large living room, has different functions, depending on the needs of the house owners. Get to know the solutions that our clients usually choose.

Bed for a small living room, such as the ClickBed V Sofa

aranżacja małego salonu łóżko w szafie z sofąPlease look at the photos of the first selected salon. It is small, and a large part of the room is glazed. Which makes it bright and spacious, but on the other hand, makes it difficult to design the space in a functional way. A small living room in a small apartment is a big challenge in interior design. It is also often connected to the dining room and kitchen. This time, however, it is a separate room.

The living room in this apartment will also serve as a daily, or rather nightly, bedroom. So during the day it is supposed to be a living room – with a place to rest, relax and meet friends. With such needs, a murphy bed with a sofa, such as the ClickBed V Sofa, will do the job perfectly. It will significantly save the living space without cluttering it with additional furniture. It will ensure the comfort of sleep – even the best sofa with a sleeping function is still just a sofa. And even with the best mattress, it is folded and unfolded many times during use, which primarily affects its quality and comfort of sleep. And coming back to the murphy bed, it is a compatible piece of furniture that can be freely built with other pieces of furniture to size. Using primarily the space above and around the bed, which is a kind of “must have” in small rooms and apartments.

Bed for a large living room, such as the ClickBed V

łóżko w szafieWhen we have a large living room, we often do not have to combine several functions in one piece of furniture. It happens that a murphy bed is not only a piece of furniture with a sofa, but also a wardrobe. In the case of a large space, we can definitely afford more. This was the case during the implementation of our second project, presented here. A separate, spacious living room with built-in furniture with a wall bed i. It has enough space for the owners to choose a separate spacious sofa and arrange the bed in the building on the opposite wall. Our ClickBed V has been integrated into a modern bookcase, creating a harmonious whole with its other functions.

meble na wymiar WarszawaAn interesting solution that complements the whole building is an additional cabinet, suspended on the other side of the TV screen. Asymmetrical, it fills the wall space in interesting way, which is waiting only for a TV cabinet that will complete the whole. So we have a comfortable bedroom space that is unobtrusive during the day and plenty of space for everyday life – all in one room. Still space saving, but let’s call it “midi” not “maxi”


łóżko w szafie do salonu

How to arrange bed for a small or large living room? All you have to do is contact us in person, by e-mail or by phone. We will be happy to help you choose the right bed and offer variants of solutions that will optimally save space and will be in line with your expectations and needs. All we need is a room plan, talking about your needs, expectations and the style you like best. You can leave the rest to us.