Bed for small bedroom

łóżko do bardzo małej sypialni

Bed for small bedroom. Let’s start with what we mean by “a very small bedroom”? Our proposition? Extreme dimensions, e.g. 2.5×2.0. What to do with them? A traditional bed will make the only element of the room a mattress. And yet the bedroom has several functions. How to arrange such a bedroom? We advise:

What should be in every bedroom?

łóżko do bardzo małej sypialni

Regardless of the size of the place to sleep, for the convenience of our own and all the inhabitants of the house, we usually dream about (apart from the bed, of course) a few other pieces of furniture. In order not to walk to the hallway or to another room to get your clothes, there should be a place for a wardrobe in every bedroom. It may not always be a large one  but for seasonal everyday clothes – it is really  “must have”.

It is also good to use a small space to the maximum without cluttering it. To have a place for books, knick-knacks, a holiday seashell and a photo of loved ones. Make the bedroom not only functional, but also an intimate space for rest, relaxation and sleep. That it would be one and only. How to do it so as not to clutter it up?

Interior architects have a way to do this –  they propose to make the most of the wall space. For shelves, cabinets, and built-in furniture. Separate, additional furniture is definitely too much for such a small area.

Bed for very small bedroom

pomysły do małej sypialniAnd the last – key piece of furniture – which bed to choose? Sleep is the most important form of regeneration of the body, a way to deal with stress, a condition for our health, well-being and energy to act. And this is only provided by a full-size bed. With a comfortable mattress adapted to the needs of our spine, with an anti-allergic coating that will serve us for years. It would also be nice not to have to squeeze and not pay attention to the edges of the bed when not in use. Be able to dress freely, change clothes, choose a wardrobe for the next day.

What if you went further and dreamed that the full-size bed would not be visible at all during the day?

Only one solution meets such a large number of needs and expectations: a wall bed. When closed, the depth of this piece of furniture is only .. 40 cm. After opening, you have everything necessary for a comfortable rest. To make it even nicer and cozier, you can choose a headrest that is soft to the touch and illuminate the whole piece of furniture with a soft LED light. So you have a full-size bed during the night and room for everyday activities during the day.

To make it even easier, in the morning each additional minute of sleep is important, you will open and close the bed in just a few seconds. And it, thanks to the applied decelerators and gas actuators, will safely and gently fall down or hide in the housing. We will tell you one more “tip”. You hate seeing an unmade bed during the day, and hate to do it? The murphy bed does not require bedding. You can close it at any time and not look at the mess left on it.

A wall bed for a very small bedroom – which one to choose?

łóżko do bardzo małej sypialni


It all depends on what room for the bedroom you have and where the window is. If it is called “tram” then we recommend choosing a murphy bed – such as in the picture – ClickBed O. At least because the vertically opened bed requires space to open it and can block access to, for example, the window. The horizontally opened wall bed is by definition low, and after opening it takes up the space of the bedroom without dividing it into two parts.

If you have doubts, you do not know what to choose and how to optimally use the space of a very small bedroom, just contact us. We will design it according to your expectations and using our knowledge and experience.