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    Transforms – Domoteka Branch
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    HOW to make murphy bed? ClickBed V Young – DYI! Modern, innovating, easy to use in everyday life.

    WHERE to buy a murphy bed? ClickBed offer is a dozen models of murphy beds, queen muprhy bed, kids wallbed, sofa wallbed, bunk beds, which fit into any interior.

    SOFA MURPHY BED VS SOFA BED? ClickBed V Sofa, ClickBed V Sofa Box and ClickBed O Sofa – sofa wallbeds, which we adapt to the smallest space.

    KIDS WALLBED? ClickBed V, ClickBed Single, ClickBed O or ClickBed Desk? We will help you choose.

    MURPHY BED IN LIVING ROOM? Traditional murphy bed, sofa smarted, desk bed, revolving wall bed. Its’ your choice.
    TWIN MURPHY BED? ClickBed Twin – innovating combination of bunk beds with bed on the wall. Saving space like never before!