Deskbed unlike all – ClickBed Desk

bed with a desk in a wall unit

Deskbed is usually associated with a solution combined with a bunk bed on the mezzanine and a desk hidden under it. It looks original, but is it really convenient? Today, a few words about how to combine two furniture into one, without taking up space unnecessarily. A deskbed can take up very little space, be comfortable and not clutter with the space of the room. How to do it right?

We are usually looking for compact furniture for flats or rooms with a small area. And we expect them to really save us as many centimeters of space as possible. The second expectation is the comfort of using such a piece of furniture. It must be reliable, easy to use and secure. Third, we are to like and fit inside. How can you combine all these requirements?

A bed with a desk – a modern wall-mounted bed? Yes!

We offer a solution that meets all needs and we add quality and diversity. What does it mean? ClickBed Desk – is our offer for small rooms for children, teenagers, studios and offices. It is a horizontally open bed, also known as a wall on the bed. On its smooth front is mounted a spacious desk top. Top that automatically retracts horizontally under the bed when you open it. It means that before we go to sleep, we do not have to clean the contents of the desk! This function also works the other way round: the bed does not need to be made! We fasten the bedding with straps, slightly lift them from the bottom, and it closes with the bedding itself.

ClickBed Desk 140×200 – details

Colors: housing/back/desk/side panel 7045 SU SATIN. Front: 8685 SNOW WHITE.

Headrest: WALL 228X128 cm – ASTORIA fabric 12

Extras: LED lighting, USB port

Mattress: AMBER DREAM H3