Fold-out single bed – Clickbed O

Fold-out single bed. What makes the wall bed come back into favor and is eagerly chosen as a single bed for a bedroom, children’s or youth room? Why is it worth choosing such a bed model? What to check before buying such a bed? Read on:

Fold-out single bed – benefits

półkotapczan łóżko młodzieżoweThe most important and the biggest advantage of this solution is  – the small size of the furniture. When closed, it is only 40 cm deep. Regardless of whether it is open or closed – just over 90 cm high. As for the length – it exceeds a minimum of 200 cm. This makes it fit even the smallest interior. Long and narrow rooms are not afraid of him. He is not afraid of slants or attics. It can stand even in a small recess in the living room or to create a comfortable and non-absorbing place for a peaceful night’s rest and sleep. But it also happens that it appears in quite a large room. Which is supposed to fulfill several different functions, not only the bedroom.

And we have chosen photos from such a room today to illustrate the advantages of Clickbed O. On this spacious wall, the distinctly small size of this fold-out single bed is particularly visible.

How to choose the single bed? What to pay attention to when buying?

łóżko jednoosobowe półkotapczanThe offer of wallbeds on the market has been really big in recent years. However, it is in vain to look for this solution in such popular furniture stores as IKEA or Agata Meble. The producers of horizontally opening beds  are usually small domestic companies that use solutions and mechanisms from the Far East. And the quality in multi-functional beds, i.e. furniture in constant motion, is one of the most important factors in choosing a bed model and a specific manufacturer. What to look for when deciding on a wallbed?

  • base – should have a steel frame and a strong frame,
  • mechanism – consisting of gas actuators (one is not enough) and decelerators – thanks to which opening the bed is “easy, quick and pleasant” and, above all, safe,
  • automatically opened steel legs – they make, among others, that the bed is so small and guarantees the stability of the furniture for years.
  • increased parameters of the casing and good quality materials used for its construction

It is good if such a bed has:

  • possibility of adding other functionalities – e.g. desk top or sofa top,
  • choice of mattress width – after all, no one said that a single bed should be only 90×200,
  • the option of building the bed with any shelves, cabinets, shelves
  • large selection of colors and types of finishes, so that the bed is not only unique, but also stylistically fit in any interior.

Finally, it is worth asking about the warranty period that the bed is covered by. This is a pretty good way to see how long it will run flawlessly. By the way, we give our beds a 10-year warranty … Who will give more? 😉