Folding guest bed such as Clickbed Book

łóżko składane dla gości łóżko w szafie

The folding guest bed is one of those pieces of furniture in the home that is both necessary and inconvenient at the same time. The same group also includes a spacious table an additional bathroom a few sets of bedding for spare. They all belong to furniture and places that are rarely used and at the same time necessary from time to time. They take up a lot of space in the home space when we choose traditional solutions. When we decide on an economic solution, e.g. by buying the so-called “American” we then have remorse that our guests are not comfortable.

How to get out of this impasse? We know.

składane łóżko gościnne składane na ścianęA foldable guest bed doesn’t have to be a hassle

Saving space, comfort of use, sleeping comfort – it seems that when buying a guest bed one feature always does not match the rest. Unless our choice is a wall nbed. Then all our expectations will be met. And we will gain additional benefits.

It is rare for us to prepare a separate guest room when fulfilling customer orders. It usually combines other functions. So it was this time. We created a bed project for the house, where the guest room was to be combined with a living room for work. Customers wanted:

  • space savings
  • complete development combining the functions of: dressing room, library, bedroom and a place to work
  • classic design

In our offer we have also prepared multifunctional solutions combining two different pieces of furniture into one. And so when choosing a Clickbed bed our clients can choose sofa wall bed, a bed with a folding table, a swivel bed, a bed with a desk. Less frequently chosen, and no less functional, is Clickbed Book, a wall bed with shelves in other words – with a library. And this solution was chosen by our clients this time.

Guest bed such as the Clickbed Book – advantages

składane łóżko w szafie

Clicked Book is a classic wall bed that opens vertically based on the mechanism of the Clickbed V, But instead of leaving a smooth front we installed three comfortable shelves on it. Intended for books, but also works well as places for knick-knacks or photos. Importantly, the shelves do not need to be cleared before opening the bed. When changing the arrangement of the space from day to night, the shelves are neatly hidden under the bed with all the contents. Nothing falls off, we guarantee it. We have tried many times, even with glass vases. Let’s mark successful attempts. 🙂

After opening the furniture, we have a full-size bed with a comfortable mattress. And thanks to selected accessories – a headboard and lighting, an intimate, cozy space is created that encourages you to rest at night.

For the convenience of use, lighting has also been placed in other places of this solution: we additionally illuminated the shelves and the interior of the wardrobe. We wanted to warm the character of the whole with a soft, warm light and make the use of the room and our solutions even more pleasant.

Have we succeeded? Please judge for yourself. And if you are looking for modern beds whether for rare or for everyday use find out about our other solutions for small apartments, studios and more by visiting our Transforms website.