SMARTBED O wall bed SMARTBED O sofa murphy bed, SMARTBED O horizontally folding bed in SMARBTED O, SMARTBED Single half-wall, SMARTBED Single deskbed, SMARTBED Twin bunk bed, SMARTBED Twin loft bed, SMARTBED Twin kids wallbed. A modern wall-mounted bed, horizontally opened, enjoys unflagging popularity. Wallbed works everywhere where we deal with a narrow space. A small narrow bedroom, a small study, a small living room, which is also a bedroom - space saving bed works best there.

A horizontally folding bed is a good solution for arranging a children's room, too. Space saving, extra space during the day for fun and learning. Smartbed Single deskbed, is safe and easy to open even for a child. Convenience and comfort at night, a spacious place to study during the day. Both for the girl's room and the boy's room. We also offer a modern, innovative solution for siblings. Smartbed Twin bunk beds is kids wallbed which will solve the problem of a small children's room. During the day, they hide on the wall and give a lot of freedom in space that can be used for fun, study, meetings with friends. The bunk bed with desk is a children's bed with an additional function. The spacious study top for two children allows for a comfortable arrangement of even the smallest children's room. Space saving, functionality, modernity and comfort - all these features have beds in the SMARTBED wardrobe.

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Smartbed Young O

A modern wallbed - a bed hidden in the wardrobe horizontally. The openwork structure makes the piece of furniture hardly visible on a daily basis. And its style blends in with the interior arrangement, creating a discreet wall development. Although inconspicuous, the frame is durable and durable, thanks to which the wallbed works flawlessly for years. The bed is available in a single and double version, for mattresses with dimensions of 90/120/140/180 x 200.

ClickBed O murphy bed horizontally opened

ClickBed O - a wallbed in a modern setting. Compact, slim, comfortable. Available in two versions, as a single or double bed. Thanks to reliable mechanisms, using it is just a pleasure. Opening and closing the bed is assisted by gas cylinders - the bed opens without using force in just a few seconds. Mounted retarders ensure safety and make the bed it opens „itself”. Closing the bed is a piece of cake. The soft headrest is available in dozens of colors and in many finishing motifs, completes the piece of furniture, giving it a cozy, intimate character.

ClickBed Twin bunk bed for children

ClickBed Twin - a bunk folding bed. Yes, it is possible. Patented model of bunk bed, which after folding takes up only 40 cm of room space. How much space can be saved by this! The modern opening system, gas cylinders, slow-down switches, make the bed open smoothly and effortlessly. The barriers and comfortable ladder ensure safe use. Available in two variants: with a full smooth front and a folding, spacious desk mounted on the front of the lower bed.

ClickBed O Desk murphy deskbed

ClickBed O Desk - a wallbed with a desk. Double bed opening horizontally with additional function. By combining two pieces of furniture, this solution saves space without sacrificing convenience of use. In the daytime, the bed is hidden behind a smooth front with a movable desk top attached. Overnight, the work space disappears, and a full-size, comfortable double bed appears. Modern mechanisms used in ClickBed O Desk ensure trouble-free, easy-to-use bed operation. A wide range of finishes allows you to integrate the furniture in a space with any stylistically arranged arrangement.

ClickBed O Sofa sofa wallbed

ClickBed O Sofa - the one&only - the wallbed opened horizontally with a sofa function. Modern double bed combined with a comfortable, spacious sofa. Behind the smooth front where a 200cm long sofa is attached, there is a comfortable, full-size bed. A specially selected mattress does not break (as is in folding sofa), thanks to it ensures rest equal to traditional beds. The sofa during opening disappears under the front of the bed and after less than a minute the small living room turns into a cozy bedroom. Thanks to this, even the smallest space gains a new, functional dimension.

ClickBed Sigle kids wallbed

ClickBed Single - innovating kids wallbed. Combining the two most important functions of furniture in a children's room. Modern space saving bed and spacious, comfortable desk. During the day, it gives you extra space to have fun and spend time together with friends, and a place for quiet, hard work. During the night, it guarantees comfortable sleep and rest. It opens easily, it requires no effort, and thanks to the mounted moderates and a discreet blockade, it is safe even for the youngest. A message for older, especially teenagers: it doesn't require making the bed or cleaning the desk!