How to build a murphy bed?

jak zrobić łóżko w szafie

How to build a murphy bed?

how to build a murphy bed1. You can buy one of the Clickbed bed mechanisms and try to make the bed yourself from A to Z. You can choose a mechanism for a single or double bed. Vertical or horizontal. Design any bed casing separately. And then assemble them yourself at home.

This solution has the undeniable advantage of cost savings. The condition of success is considerable carpentry and technical skills. Which is not uncommon at all. And the favor of the manufacturer – yes, we will provide you with helpful tips in this process.

2.You can buy one of the Clickbed mechanisms, design your dream murphy bed and have it assembled by a carpenter. It can also save you time and money.

There is only one but…

jak zrobić łóżko w szafie

Whoever the person designing and assembling the bed will be must have considerable technical skills and know the specifics of the construction of multifunctional beds. Folding beds are furniture in constant motion. Repeated day after day. Both horizontally and vertically they must be safe for the user. And withstand considerable overload.

People buy furniture for years. And especially now, when deciding to make larger purchases, they are carefully counting costs. Therefore, it is worth choosing a solution that may be a more expensive investment at the beginning, but will pay off due to its reliability when using the furniture.

How to build a murphy bed? Meet YOUNG collection!

For those who dream of a wall bed for a youth room or a multifunctional bed with a sofa. And maybe even a bunk bed that can be folded on the wall we have created the YOUNG collection!

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1.This is a collection of 7 bed models – single and double beds; vertically folded on the wall or horizontally.

2. An interesting feature of the collection is a bed hidden in … a dresser. A comfortable single bed that will fit anywhere where there is no room for even a traditional murphy bed.

3.Each bed is designed to be durable, stable and easy for everyday use at the same time.

4. The universal design of each bed allows it to be adapted to virtually any modern interior.

5. Thanks to the illustrated instructions you can assemble the bed yourself efficiently and without complications within a few hours.

6. The Young murphy beds are designed to furnish both apartments and commercial spaces – holiday homes, hostels, rooms for rent.

It is also a great solution for micro-apartments – you can choose a 2-in-1 bed – with a sofa or a murphy bed with a table

8. Our apple of the eye are especially wall beds which thanks to their small size, even in the bunk bed version, save space and look very advantageous in narrow rooms.

How to build murphy bed step by step with Transforms

jak zrobić łóżko w szafie

1. We invite you to know yourself with Young’s offer

2.Choose the bed model for you, choose the color of the covers and the size o

3.As soon as you buy the selected bed, we go to work

4.The bed will be delivered to the address you have given in 2 to 4 weeks

5.You assemble your retractable bed or wall bed and … it’s here! Ready!

If you are not 100% sure of your skills it is always possible to order a proven team of installers.