How to choose a comfortable bed for living room?

wygodne łóżko w szafie do salonu

wygodne łóżko w szafie do salonuA comfortable bed for the living room? Perhaps it sounds surprising at first. Because the words bed and living room contradict each other. But no matter how strange it sounds, very often the living room is also a bedroom. This is quite obvious when we live in a studio apartment. And it becomes a fact as our children grow up and we parents are faced with the need to move out of our own bedroom and start the nightlife in the living room. It would be optimal then to change the flat to a larger one. But … We advise how to turn a living room into a comfortable bedroom at a cheaper cost than investing in a new apartment. At the beginning of this change, it is worth asking yourself one question:

Why do we need a comfortable bed in the living room?

This is the key question. Should it be a guest bed or will we be using it? How often do we have visitors or how often will we use it? Because if it is to be a place to sleep used incidentally, maybe it is enough to invest in a good sofa with a sleeping function? But if the answer to this question is: it is needed every day, then it is worth looking for a solution that will be both functional and space-saving in a room that definitely has day functions and is used most of the time by all household members.łóżko w szafie z sofą do salonu

The second question worth asking yourself when making such a decision is:

Is a comfortable bed in the living room enough for me or am I looking for something more?

Moving from the bedroom to the living room is a great opportunity to rearrange this interior. Which usually, let’s face it, does not sin with space. There is already a dining area in it, there is a place to relax, usually we have some cabinets, chests of drawers, shelves. And there is also a bedroom bed in it. How to save as much space as possible? Let’s go further, how to make free space more than before? Is it possible? Yes of course. Please take a look not only at the illustrations for this article, but also at the rest of it.

A comfortable bed for the living room such as …

A wall bed – this is our answer. And thanks to the fact that the category of multifunctional furniture is rapidly developing, we can find wall beds on the market that can do much more than offer a comfortable sleep on a full-size, traditional mattress. So we can choose a wall bed in a traditional version, without “extras”. It will be perfect as a separate bedroom space in the living room, which already has a sofa, there is enough space and we do not want to get rid of the existing furniture. But if there is not much space and a small living room is still functional, it is worth considering combining sofa wall bed. And even with additional buildings, thanks to which some of the furniture will no longer be needed, and we will get more free space.

łóżko w szafieHow to combine the living room with the dining room and the bedroom?

The living room is very often also a dining room. What to do so that introducing a bed into this space does not end in an architectural catastrophe? It is worth considering choosing a wall bed with a table. Which can be folded at any time when we need more space, not only for the night. And what to do when in our salon we will not only sleep but also work during the day? Considering today’s times, the need to work remotely is becoming the norm and it is not a rare question at all. And here we will find the answer and the proposal again among multi-functional furniture. Because the wall bed can also have the function of a desk!

Multifunctional furniture offers solutions that help overcome many problems in arranging space.

łóżko z biurkiem


By combining various functions, they allow you to choose a piece of furniture exactly to a given space and needs. At the same time, they ensure comfort of use, convenience in everyday life and space saving, which we all strive for in our interiors.

When choosing the right wall bed, it is worth taking care not only of its functionality, but also quality. How to choose a good bed, for any interior, not only for the living room? We will write about it soon.