How to separate bed from the room

jak oddzielić łóżko od reszty pokoju

How to separate the bed from the rest of the room? This question is asked by many people.

  • parents who have to give up their bedroom to a growing child
  • proud owners of the first apartment – studios
  • open space owners when it turns out that they need some intimacy
  • people who acutely feel the lack of a guest bed

There are several proven ways to solve this problem. We will introduce you to some of them.

How to separate bed from the room – traditional solution

jak oddzielić łóżko od reszty pokoju

Small rooms-living rooms often have to perform several functions. They are a place of daily rest, a dining room, a place to work. Increasingly, they also become a bedroom at the same time. Separating these functions, especially in the bedroom, is a priority.

A popular way to separate the day and night functions is to divide the room into two separate parts. A piece of furniture that is well suited for this is a bookcase. It’s good if you choose a double-sided, openwork. Which will not take away the light and will not overwhelm the already small space.

The second way  somewhat unjustly forgotten is to set up a screen. We definitely recommend this solution. At any time, you can fold it and put it in a secluded place, thanks to which you will gain a spacious, unrestricted space. For a comfortable reception of guests, taking your online yoga lessons. Or the free play of children when their peers visit them, and the children’s room is not enough for joyful frolics. For the party of adult guests, who will drop by for a house party or dancing.

jak oddzielić łóżko od reszty pokoju łóżko w szafieWhat do you gain with these solutions? Certainly a bit of intimacy when you spend time in bed. No need to make it up every day. You also maintain a bit of privacy when visiting. Because let’s face it, the view of the bed in the living room, even the best made, is not what you want to share. Even with the closest people. Is there any other way to deal with this problem? You can! Read on:

Ho to separate bed from the room – modern solution

It turns out that more than 100 years ago the problem of small apartments was as vivid as today. It was then that a solution was created that perfectly combined night and day functions in one space. At the same time saving space. And guaranteeing a comfortable sleep in a full-size bed. It was a bed in the closet.

For more than a century, this multi-functional piece of furniture has changed with the development of technology, the furniture industry and interior design. As a result it has become a discreet modern and very popular solution for still small-scale construction.

The murphy bed for even greater space saving can perform additional functions. The most popular is to combine a bed with a comfortable sofa. No, we don’t mean a sofa bed. We mean a combination of a full-size bed with a separate piece of furniture – a sofa. This solution was especially appreciated by the owners of studio apartments. Where in one space you have to find a place for a table, sofa, bed, sometimes even a place to work.



So we combine: a sofa wall bed, a bed with a desk, a bed with a table. We hide them vertically or horizontally – designing the once so popular folding beds. We put them as separate pieces of furniture, or we build them into modern wall units (again, a nod to the past).

Which bed to put  is not only a matter of taste, but also the possibilities of a given premises. In a narrow room, in a room with slants, a wall bed will be perfect. Especially if its owner or owner is a person of small height, a child, an elderly person. Vertical folding beds on the wall like slightly different types of interiors and specialize in various types of recesses.

What murphy bed will be best for you to separate the bed from the rest of the room? We will be happy to help you choose your murphy bed.

Sleep and how we sleep matters. A small apartment does not have to mean compromises. We care about the quality of everyone’s sleep. Regardless of the square meters you have. Or maybe especially.