Idea for a small bedroom – NEW!

An idea for a very small bedroom. But a really tiny one. We will say more – an idea for a bedroom where there is no space for a bedroom at all. There is no separate room, niche, nothing like that. And yet the bedroom is and has everything you need to sleep comfortably and before that enjoy a small but still bedroom space, which can be arranged according to your preferences and tastes. Are you curious? Please read on:

Idea for a very small bedroom – what should be in?

pomysł na małą sypialnięAt first let’s consider what is a prerequisite for having a bedroom. For us, the bed is such a must have. Full-size, adapted to the number of people and their height, weight, and preferences as to sleeping space. Some may say now and why a bed? After all, the same requirements are met by a sofa with a sleeping function! Oh no. First of all, we have always believed (we sell wall beds for a good reason ;-)) that sleeping on such a sofa is like sleeping at an angle at home, i.e. negating the sense of intimacy of being at home, in your space. Secondly, even the most comfortable sofa has a folding mattress. And what materials it would not be made of sooner or later will be deformed. And it will make our back, muscles and body feel.

Therefore, we assume that it must be a full-size bed. What else? Could use a place to hide the sheets. It would be good to have a place to store clothes – even a small cupboard and a hanger. And last but not least – to be able to “personalize” such a bedroom corner with decorations, books, photos, so that spending time in bed would be pure pleasure for all senses. To make this place ours.

A small bedroom without a separate room – how is this possible?

pomysł na sypialnię w blokuIt’s time to reveal what our idea for a small bedroom is that can literally be created anywhere. In any space. Do you remember how many centimeters deep is a standard Clickbed bed? We will suggest … only 40 cm. And exactly as far as the centimeter is concerned – 37. This parameter is important when creating furniture where space saving is a priority. But we decided to check what will happen when we create a model of a folding bed that will be 60 cm deep and how this additional space can be used. And thanks to 20 cm more “wardrobe” we arranged the smallest bedroom in the world. There is a place for intimate lighting, shelves for books, photos, knick-knacks. But that’s not all. around it is used to store everyday clothes. Oh, and of course, space for storing bedding and a full-size bed. Please take a look at this solution closely:

pomysł na sypialnię łóżko w szafie

Another good news is that this solution is universal and can be used in any model of wall bed that opens vertically. And the bed itself can have any color, texture, other additional functions: a table, a library or a classic bed in a wardrobe hidden behind a smooth front. During the day, our bedroom is thus hidden and invisible. And when we open the bed, the whole thing creates a cozy arrangement, which will finally look like it depends only on the taste, needs and creativity of the users.

20 cm makes a difference, isn’t it? 😉