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bunk beds for children

Bunk beds for children are a popular choice for small children’s rooms. By design, they save space and give some exclusive privacy. And the kids love them. Yes, the discussion is who sleeps upstairs and who downstairs can turn into a real battle. And reconciliation of conflicting parties requires a lot of diplomacy. However, when decisions are made, the beds will be allocated, each of the small residents praises sleeping in such a bed. And what if you choose a bunk bed that solves this problem during the day? And it has several additional advantages. How is this possible? read:

ClickBed Twin kinds bunk beds – why is so special?

Traditional bunk beds, despite saving space, are still a large piece of furniture. Optically, they take up more space than we would like in a room that is usually small anyway. That is why, when creating the ClickBed Twin bed, we set the primary goal – even more free space: to play, move, meet with friends, learn. Whoever prefers. This is how bunk beds-murphy were created. During the day they occupy only 40 cm in width of the room! Provided, of course, that we submit them. The mechanism of opening and closing the beds is easy and quick to use, so any siblings can handle the change of arrangement from night to day. A safety system for the upper bed and an ergonomic ladder ensure safe climbing, rest and sleep for the child who participated. Modern and universal design allows you to arrange the beds so that it will fit almost any interior. And it will fulfill the dreams and expectations of every princess, Jedi knight, fans of Minecraft or future rock star. At the request of each sibling, we can design the beds in such a way that each of them will be different and unique. We even had passionate supporters among our little clients, for whom we created beds in the colors of their beloved football club!”

ClickBed Twin bunk beds – further benefits!

What else do children like our ClickBed Twin for? For the fact that you don’t have to make them every day. All you have to do is fasten the bedding with straps, swap the bed and we have order in the room. Parents appreciate the compactness of this piece of furniture, which has additional features on request. The lower bed can be with a desk function, so there is no need to provide space for an additional furniture. It can also have, as in the pictures, a comfortable sofa. Which in the daytime space is a place for rest and relaxation. So when you feel like reading a book or taking a nap, there is no need to open the bed. ClickBed Twin can be a bed bunk beds with additional furniture. In the second option, we can use every centimeter of free wall space on which the bed stands. And the variety of cabinets, shelves, cabinets with wardrobe functions offered by us will fit the building exactly to what we want to hide in them. And one more thing. ClickBed Twin is a universal solution: youth and adult bunk beds.”

Bunk beds ClickBed Twin Sofa 100×200 – implementation details

Colors: housing – 0121 BS CAPRI BLUE, back – 5515 BS MARMARA BLUE, fronts – 8586 SNOW WHITE

Sofa: ARIA NEW 12 fabric

Headrest: WALL 228X68, LINEA 06 fabric

Extras: LED lighting and USB sockets

Mattresses: AMBER DREAM 100X220 H2″