Mobile house – how to arrange it functionally and comfortably?

domy z kontenerów

dom z kontenera pomysłyMobile house is becoming more and more popular every year. There are more of them in the architectural landscape of Poland each year. They stand on recreational plots, in RODs, but we also build them with an all-year-round house Their undeniable advantage is mobility – such a house can travel with us wherever we decide to move. The second advantage is the price. Third, modularity. This allows you to quickly and easily expand the mobile home by the next needed square meters. And while we are already talking about the size, the question arises, how to arrange mobile houses really functionally? Because apart from many advantages, they have one major disadvantage –  small space. But is that really a problem? Read on:

Multifunctional furniture – when every free meter of space matters

zalety domów z kontenerów

We sometimes jokingly call multifunctional furniture “special task furniture”. Their task is:

  • maximum space saving
  • functionality
  • combining various solutions in one piece of furniture
  • comfort of use

And the testing area – whether they really fulfill all these functions – is a small flat for them. Sometimes it’s just a room. Sometimes it is a recess. And sometimes, as in the case of mobile houses, up to the whole (small) house.


How to comfortably arrange mobile house?

domy z kontenerów w Polsce

Such a house, although small in size, must accommodate all possible functionalities of a traditional home in a limited space. It should, and even must be there:

dining room
living room
and lots of space to store everyday and occasional things

Such a house is a challenge. And we like challenges. So we were pleased to accept the offer of cooperation from the German company Blox in creating a modern mobile home. As for the kitchen and bathroom, we left their arrangement to others. And we ourselves took care of the design and implementation of the idea for the dining room, living room and bedroom, as well as storage space.

ClickBed can do it!

łóżko w szafie z sofą

The basis of our concept were two models of ClickBed wallbed – ClickBed Table and ClickBed V Sofa. The first piece of furniture, thanks to its compactness, has created a comfortable dining room space – smoothly combining the kitchen part of the room with a place for shared feasting or … work. And the second, thanks to a comfortable sofa – space for everyday relaxation and rest. Both pieces of furniture share a common wardrobe, which has a lot of space for both clothes and other things needed in everyday life.


In this way, we have created a comfortable and spacious living space in which there is no unnecessary furniture, such as a traditional bed. And in this small area there are as many as 2 beds at the same time. Full-size, double rooms, hidden, as is the case with ClickBed furniture, on the wall. One for residents, the other is intended as a guest bed. Which, when opened, create an intimate night space, and thanks to the use of comfortable mattresses, ensure a peaceful and healthy sleep. And they do not require bedding.

domy z kontenerów czy warto


A dozen or so seconds is enough and the living room turns into a bedroom. It is also possible to have both a dining room and a bedroom at the same time. Especially when we allow ourselves a lazy Sunday that we want to spend at home, with a view like the one behind the windows of the house in the pictures …