Multifunctional furniture for small apartments

Multifunctional furniture for small apartments is a way for a comfortable life in a few square meters. Everyday routine in a small area does not have to be a compromise and an involuntary consent to discomfort. For a cluttered space that does not give us breath or rest, but only surrounds us and tires us.

Multifunctional furniture, i.e. what?

meble do małych mieszkań


The shortest answer is: those that usually combine two different functionalities. Example?

The most popular multifunctional piece of furniture known for several decades is a murphy bed. Regardless of the name (folding bed, wall bed, etc.), a wall bed is nowadays the most popular piece of furniture for small rooms, guest rooms or holiday or student apartments.

The secret of its success lies primarily in its two features:


  • space saving without resignation of sleep comfort – a full-size bed is in a compact housing. Which, thanks to the folding on the wall, allows you to freely combine the day and night space in one small room
  • front of the bed – a large piece of furniture that begs to be used.

And in fact, the construction of the murphy bed and especially its front has become an inspiration for creating multi-functional furniture with various usability variants. So we have on the market:

  • simply a wall bed – with a smooth front or an imitation of a wardrobe door
  • sofa wall bed bed 
  • wall bed with a desk
  • wall bed with bookshelves – bookcase
  • folding bed a with a folding table – dedicated to the dining room
  • swivel bed with rtv shelf and drawers (!)
  • folding bunk bed 

Each of these models is available as a horizontally or vertically opening bed. So we have a de facto choice of twice as many solutions, thanks to which we can even easier adjust the furniture to our individual needs.

Multifunctional furniture for small apartments – how to match them best?

meble wielofunkcyjne do małych mieszkań

With so many variants of one piece of furniture to choose from we can individually select a given model to suit our needs. Experience shows that sofa wall bed is the most often chosen for studios or open space lounges. It is a bit less likely to stay in small bedrooms and only sometimes it is chosen for the rooms of older children.

A bed with a desk reigns primarily in the youngest rooms, but it is also part of a living room with a separate work area.

A bed with a library usually stands in guest rooms – libraries. Yes, there are people who plan in their apartments and such rooms. However, a bed with a table goes most often to the dining room connected with the living room or holiday apartments, especially those by the Polish seaside. It is actually a great solution that allows you to clearly separate the bedroom space in a small area of ​​this type of apartment. Without having to create a separate room that is increasing investment costs.

Sometimes it is also people who need a place for a studio in their home, but do not have a separate room in the apartment, to connect the bed with the table.

And where is the classic wall bed? Literally everywhere, it even ends up in a recess in the corridor.

Multifunctional furniture adapts to our needs

The great advantage of multifunctional furniture is also the fact that it is usually custom-made furniture. In addition to choosing the width of the bed and mattress, we also have the option of designing any furniture that will increase the functionality of such a piece of furniture.

And this is the realization that we illustrate our today’s post. We have recently had the pleasure to design and create fully equipped small bedroom, in which the main role is, of course, a sofa wall. This time, they are integrated into the shelves. We create every piece of furniture in this room: also a wardrobe, and even a TV table.

Save space? Functionality? Style? In our opinion, the answer is – three times yes, because this is what a good multifunctional piece of furniture should be like.