NOVELTY! Folding sofa in the Shelf and Soft version!

sofa rozkładana łóżko w szafie

Folding sofa in a piece of furniture such as a wall bed is quite specific. Mostly it decomposes but not to sleep on it. Well, unless someone really likes to sleep in the position “I’ll roll into a ball and somehow survive until morning”. And yet it folds and unfolds offering a place to sleep. And not just any place because a full-size bed.

sofa rozkładana z funkcja spania

Therefore it must have a special design that allows easy daily handling of the furniture. Reliable enough to fold and unfold for years without any failure. Fast, easy and safe. This is related to certain requirements and limitations, e.g. the height of the seat. So fa  both sofa models in our beds – Sofa and Sofa Box – had a seat placed less than 40 cm above the ground. There are fans of such a low seat but there are also those who prefer to sit higher.

So we started to think about a solution that will meet the needs of those looking for higher sofas. And then we thought about those who like soft, spreading sofas above all. And then we started to consider why not to create a model of any length by the way. And this is how Sofa Soft – and its variant – Sofa Soft Shelf were created.

Soft folding sofa – a model for those who value comfort above all

What is our novelty about? Sofa Soft is:

  • a sofa made of comfortable, soft cushions
  • with a modular structure thanks to which the furniture can be of very different lengths,
  • regardless of the size of the bed
    it can be a classic sofa, an asymmetrical sofa, a chaise longue, a corner or even a double corner
  • it can have 2, 1 or no armrests
  • before unfolding the bed we need to remove the back and seat cushions
  • but thanks to this we sit on it at a height of 42 cm from the ground
  • is adapted to vertically opened wall beds – Clickbed IV and Clickbed V

łóżko w szafie z sofą



But we didn’t stop there. For those who would find it difficult to remove cushions from the sofa on a daily routine we recommend the Soft Sofa – for the Clickbed V Sofa Soft Shelf model. Thanks to the use of other technical solutions, this version of the sofa additionally:

  • does not require removable seat cushions for the time of unfolding the bed
  • Thanks to this change – not only is the sofa seat higher – but also the mattress of the bed
    Those of you who want to check how comfortable our new multi-pillow sofa is, are invited to Domoteka. There you can check the functionality of this solution and learn about other models of our multifunctional furniture.