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Tbed O Due – double side bed

Can be a more comfortable sleeping solution in a small bedroom or studio apartment than a classic side bed? A solution that allows you to enjoy additional space during the day and the comfort of sleeping in a full-size bed at night. Due to the fact that Tbed O Due opens horizontally, it is visually a small piece of furniture that will cleverly fit into the space of even the smallest room. And you can use the space saved in this way for your favorite daily activities.

Tbed O Single – side bed for a child

Children's rooms are a multifunctional space for special tasks: playing, socializing, resting, studying and finally sleeping. If we add to this the fact that children's rooms usually are not very large, good management of this space becomes a priority and every free meter of space is a valuable acquisition. The side bed meets both needs and at the same time guarantees comfortable rest in a real bed.

ClickBed V murphy bed

ClickBed V - a classic murphy bed model opened vertically. During the day the bed stays invisible - it is hidden behind the smooth front. Thanks to the various coloristic opitions, it can fit into the space of a room of any style and arrangement. During the night, thanks to the steel, stable construction, it provides comfortable sleep and rest. The ClickBed V is available in single and double version. It can be an independent piece of furniture or an element of full arrangement. It fits the alcoves and narrowest corners of the room.

Tbed O Desk

The evergreen of many past decades returns in a modern version. A side bed with a desk is an ideal solution for small children's and teenagers' rooms, where every free meter of space counts. The combination of two different functionalities and activities – a place for relaxation and daily study – allows you to save up to 8 square meters of room space and enjoy comfort around the clock. The Tbed O Desk bed is a single or double bed for 120/140/160/180x200 mattresses.

Tbed V Desk side bed

Tbed V Desk – the side wall bed with a desk is our answer to the new needs of users of small apartments and studios. More and more often one room is to perform several different, sometimes extreme functions. The living room is also supposed to be a bedroom. The bedroom is a office room. The side bed is a piece of furniture that allows you to combine various functionalities without losing square meters, which are so valuable in small areas. Tbed V Table is a single or double bed for 90/120/140/160/180×200 mattresses – this sizes will be available soon.

Tbed V side bed

NEW 2023! Tbed V is a classic side bed with a modern look. It will perfectly replace a traditional bed wherever every free centimeter of space counts. A small bedroom, a studio apartment, a children’s room or a small living room will gain additional space thanks to Tbed V during the day, to turn into a comfortable miniature bedroom at night. Available as a single or double bed for mattresses 90/120/160/180×200.

Tbed V sofa side bed

Tbed V Sofa is a modern side bed with a sofa which by combining two different pieces of furniture allows you to save up to 8 meters of space in a small room: living room, bedroom, office room or studio apartment. It can be a daily bed or a guest bed. Thanks to modern technological solutions, it is easy, safe and reliable to use. The Tbed V Sofa bed is a single or double side bed for 120/140/160/180×200 mattresses – this sizes will be available soon!

Tbed V Table side bed

Combination of two extremely different pieces of furniture in one model of a murphy bed. Thanks to this the space saving of each room is even greater and makes everyday life in a small apartment, room, studio apartment fully comfortable. A comfortable table during the day and in its place a full-size real bed at night. The Tbed V Table side bed is a single or double bed for 120/140/160/180×200 mattresse – this sizes will be available soon.

Smartbed Boxbed 90

NOVELTY! Usually we hide the beds in the so-called wardrobe. We decided to go further and create a comfortable, full-size bed hidden ... in a dresser. The compact solution will please the owners of really small rooms, also in the attic, where it is difficult to find a place even for a classic bed in the wardrobe. It is also an ideal solution for guest rooms, studios and rooms for remote work. Invisible, convenient, always at hand. The model is available for a 90x200 mattress

Smartbed Young O

A modern wallbed - a bed hidden in the wardrobe horizontally. The openwork structure makes the piece of furniture hardly visible on a daily basis. And its style blends in with the interior arrangement, creating a discreet wall development. Although inconspicuous, the frame is durable and durable, thanks to which the wallbed works flawlessly for years. The bed is available in a single and double version, for mattresses with dimensions of 90/120/140/180 x 200.

Smartbed Young Twin

Can a bunk bed save even more space in a small room? Yes, if it is a fold-away bed. A unique, patented solution that makes the bed only 37 cm thick after folding. An ideal proposition for siblings - for small children's and teenagers' rooms, where every centimeter of space for play counts. The model is available for mattresses with dimensions of 90x200

Smartbed Young V Double

A comfortable bed for two, which can be assembled by any home DIY enthusiast. A light modular housing based on a stable skeleton structure makes the bed also visually take up little space and do not draw attention to itself. Therefore, it is recommended especially for living rooms-bedrooms, studios, rooms combining day and night functions. Available in several sizes, for a 140, 160 or 180x200 mattress

Smartbed Young V Single

A single bed in the wardrobe for self-assembly at home. Its advantages are space saving and a modern universal design that will match any style of a room or room. Having a bed in a wardrobe has never been so easy. The model is recommended for youth rooms or studios for a single. Available in two sizes, for a 90x200 or 120x200 mattress.

Smartbed Young V Sofa

A wardrobe bed with a sofa is invariably the most frequently chosen wardrobe bed model. It will work in even the smallest living room where you need a bed for everyday use or a guest room. The combination of a sofa and a full-size bed ensures comfortable everyday life both during the day and at night. It adjusts its dimensions to the needs of the residents and the room's capacity. The model is available for mattresses with dimensions of 120/140/160/180 x 200

Smartbed Young V Table

When a small living room must also be a dining room and a bedroom at the same time, saving every square meter becomes a priority. A bed in a wardrobe with a folding table combines both functionalities and allows you to enjoy the free space in a small living room, studio or studio. Our table can fulfill several functions: it can be used for shared meals, remote work or as a work-kitchen countertop. The model is available for mattresses of the following dimensions: 120/140/160/180 x 200

ClickBed O murphy bed horizontally opened

ClickBed O - a wallbed in a modern setting. Compact, slim, comfortable. Available in two versions, as a single or double bed. Thanks to reliable mechanisms, using it is just a pleasure. Opening and closing the bed is assisted by gas cylinders - the bed opens without using force in just a few seconds. Mounted retarders ensure safety and make the bed it opens „itself”. Closing the bed is a piece of cake. The soft headrest is available in dozens of colors and in many finishing motifs, completes the piece of furniture, giving it a cozy, intimate character.

ClickBed V Sofa murphy bed

ClickBed V Sofa a vertically folding bed with a sofa isthe most popular bed for small apartments where is no space for a separate bedroom. Comfortable sofa provides relaxation during the day, a two-zone full-size bed guarantees a successful night's rest. The system of opening and closing the bed, thanks to modern solutions, enables quick and easy change of the living room arrangement into a cosy bedroom space. The available sizes of the furniture ensure optimal space saving and pleasure in using even the smallest living room.

ClickBed Twin bunk bed for children

ClickBed Twin - a bunk folding bed. Yes, it is possible. Patented model of bunk bed, which after folding takes up only 40 cm of room space. How much space can be saved by this! The modern opening system, gas cylinders, slow-down switches, make the bed open smoothly and effortlessly. The barriers and comfortable ladder ensure safe use. Available in two variants: with a full smooth front and a folding, spacious desk mounted on the front of the lower bed.

ClickBed O Desk murphy deskbed

ClickBed O Desk - a wallbed with a desk. Double bed opening horizontally with additional function. By combining two pieces of furniture, this solution saves space without sacrificing convenience of use. In the daytime, the bed is hidden behind a smooth front with a movable desk top attached. Overnight, the work space disappears, and a full-size, comfortable double bed appears. Modern mechanisms used in ClickBed O Desk ensure trouble-free, easy-to-use bed operation. A wide range of finishes allows you to integrate the furniture in a space with any stylistically arranged arrangement.

Voila folding desk – NEW

According to growing interest in compact furniture, we have created a new model of a folding multi-functional desk - Voila. Space saving, functionality, comfort. Where there is no place for a separate room to work - in a stu-dio apartment, a small studio for a single. Where the living room is a combination of a dining room, office, rest room. In a small-sized children's or youth room. In a flat for rent for a student. The Voila desk will work best in these spaces. Thanks to Voila's solution, any type of room in which we decide to work will not lose any of its origi-nal function. Time to relax, eat and sleep will not be disturbed by the view related to the professional space. And if necessary, the desk will always be at your fingertips. Warning! The price configuration applies only to the Voila desk. If you are interested in solutions of a wall bed with Voila desk, please contact the showroom.

AREO folding bed with a bedding container – NEW!

Can a folding bed with a bedding container surprise with something? Yes, if it were made by Transforms. How about a traditional double bed or a single bed that unfolds both vertically and horizontally? Its operation does not require any effort, and hiding bedding in a very large container takes only a dozen or so seconds? The AREO folding bed offers just such possibilities. Its decisive advantage is the quality, ease of opening, the lack of any bulky elements that would reduce the size of the bedding container and spoil the aesthetic value of the furniture. Thanks to the latest technological solutions used in the AREO bed, both making the mattress and hiding the bed, linen a new dimension of comfort and convenience.

ClickBed Book murphy bed

ClickBed Book - a double vertically folding bed with a library function. Shelves mounted on the front of the bed give the possibility of any use of the resulting additional space: books, toys, trinkets. Or all of it a little bit. It is not necessary to remove the contents of the shelves before unfolding the bed. Modern technology used in their construction, leaves the shelves with precision and changes their arrangement without saving the content. The shelves hide along with things left on them during night time. The bed is available with one, two or three shelves.

ClickBed Classic murphy bed

ClickBed Classic - its is evergreen forever. A traditional murphy bed in a modern style. Every day, simply a shapely wardrobe that turns into a comfortable bed for two at night. The reliable mechanism equipped with a booster system and moderates allows you to open this compact bedroom with just one hand. It is enough to slightly open the front of the bed, and it will gently fall down and take a horizontal position. Self-regulating, automatically opening and closing legs ensure stability and safe sleep. The soft headrest integrated into the back of the bed gives a sense of intimacy, and the delicate LED lighting will emphasize the aesthetic value of the furniture.

ClickBed IV murphy bed

ClickBed IV - a classic double murphy bed, opened vertically, with the latest generation opening mechanism. This model, like all bed models in the ClickBed offer, has automatically opening and extending legs. The difference is where they are mounted. In the ClickBed IV model they are located on the shorter edge of the bed frame. Opening, they look out over the bed's outline. Hiding, they disappear under the outline of the front. Effect? The gap between the frame and the front of the bed is only 4 millimeters. Which means that the bed hidden in the wall becomes completely invisible to others.

ClickBed O Sofa sofa wallbed

ClickBed O Sofa - the one&only - the wallbed opened horizontally with a sofa function. Modern double bed combined with a comfortable, spacious sofa. Behind the smooth front where a 200cm long sofa is attached, there is a comfortable, full-size bed. A specially selected mattress does not break (as is in folding sofa), thanks to it ensures rest equal to traditional beds. The sofa during opening disappears under the front of the bed and after less than a minute the small living room turns into a cozy bedroom. Thanks to this, even the smallest space gains a new, functional dimension.

ClickBed Sigle kids wallbed

ClickBed Single - innovating kids wallbed. Combining the two most important functions of furniture in a children's room. Modern space saving bed and spacious, comfortable desk. During the day, it gives you extra space to have fun and spend time together with friends, and a place for quiet, hard work. During the night, it guarantees comfortable sleep and rest. It opens easily, it requires no effort, and thanks to the mounted moderates and a discreet blockade, it is safe even for the youngest. A message for older, especially teenagers: it doesn't require making the bed or cleaning the desk!

ClickBed Sprint murphy bed

ClickBed Sprint - double bed vertically opened with table function. Can you imagine saving more space in a small apartment? The ClickBed Sprint model is a bed mechanism from ClickBed V supplemented with a comfortable, folding table. Ideal to work or family meetings. The frame, front and table top are made of Kronospan laminated boards, guaranteeing the quality and various colors of the finish of each ClickBed bed. Folding the table before opening the bed is necessary. Just in case to prevent damage to the table, the bed is locked.

ClickBed Table murphy bed

ClickBed Table - two functions in one neat piece of furniture that saves space and gives more freedom. For work, meals, everyday life - a comfortable table for 4 people. For rest and relaxation - a full-size double wall bed folding vertically. Characteristic of this solution is the form of the table, which is supported on one stable leg. When changing the arrangement from day to night functions, you do not need to do anything with the table. It automatically folds on the front of the bed that is opening. The combination of functionality, aesthetics and comfort - for small apartments and their optimal arrangement.

ClickBed Twist – revolving murphy bed

ClickBed Twist - an innovative, patented model of murphy bed, which is not only foldable, but also it hides behind the wall of the rack. Arranged in the living room, during the day creates so-called wall unit - a modern bookcase with shelves for books or decorations, a niche for a TV screen and four spacious drawers with a silent closing mechanism. People who stay in such a room will not even think that this elegant piece of furniture conceals a real bed. ClickBed Twist is a multifunctional piece of furniture for the 21st century. Stylish, discreet, reliable. Giving exceptional comfort in small interiors of living rooms, offices and open space arrangements with two different functions: daily and night life.

ClickBed V Desk murphy bed with desk

ClickBed Desk - an innovative solution for home office. A small space that combines day and night functions with no sacrifices. Instead of bed sofa or a traditional bed, furniture 2 in1 will work best. Universal style, a wide selection of colors. An extensive furniture set for any space arrangement.When the bed is opened, the top is hidden under its and is an additional support for the furniture frame. And importantly, there is no need to clean of the things on the table top.

ClickBed V Sofa Box murphy bed

ClickBed V Sofa Box is a murphy bed dedicated to those who expect even more from multifunctional furniture. In this solution, the sofa has additional advantages. The spacious container under the sofa seat is a place for storing "emergency" bedding (wall beds don’t require bedding and hiding) or other items. The back of the sofa are soft, large cushions that can be used as a headrest when the bed is unfolded. The sofa is not attached to the front of the bed, which gives new possibilities for interior design.

Headboard 3D

A modern and comfortable solution for murphy beds. Thanks to the headrest, the furniture acquires additional aesthetic and functional values. Depending on the needs and the idea for arranging the bed, it is possible to choose and install various sizes of headrest. A rich palette of fabrics allows to adjust the headboard to any murphy bed and integrate into the arrangement of the room in the night space. Thanks to the use of special technology, this type of headrest gives the impression of 3D effect, which gives the whole furniture a dynamic, modern character. Recommended for all murphy beds opening vertically.

Headboard 3D (horizontal)

A modern and comfortable solution for murphy beds. Thanks to the headrest, the furniture acquires additional aesthetic and functional values. Depending on the needs and the idea for arranging the bed, it is possible to choose and install various sizes of headrest. A rich palette of fabrics allows to adjust the headboard to any murphy bed and integrate into the arrangement of the room in the night space. Thanks to the use of special technology, this type of headrest gives the impression of 3D effect, which gives the whole furniture a dynamic, modern character. Recommended for all murphy beds opening horizontally.

Headboard Caro

A classic design in a modern arrangement. The quilting of the headrest refers to the style of traditional English furniture. Thanks to this, Caro's headrest will work best in a classic arrangement of murphy bed and the room it stands in. Its casual elegance will be underlined by fabrics in the colour of the currently fashionable deep green, navy blue, grey and claret. In addition to aesthetic values, the headrest increases the pleasure of using the murphy bed. The soft-touch backrest is a good alternative to the hard back of the furniture. On request, with buttons available.

Headboard Dream

Dynamic, large design is recommended especially for modern interiors. Wide stitching gives the impression of a spacious. This effect can be enhanced by LED lighting. It provides a comfortable backrest - increases the quality of bed use and is a remarkable element of aesthetic value. Thanks to the wide range of colours of the fabrics it blends with the style of the murphy bed and the arrangement of the whole room. It can adapt to colour of the interior or be a colourful, eye-catching accent. Recommended for vertically opening murphy bed.

Headboard Honey

A functional and elegant solution for a murphy bed. A honeycomb pattern is good-looking in a multicolour version especially, emphasizing the decorative stitching of the headrest. The soft, delicate fabric gives comfortable support when reading or watching TV. An additional benefit is the soundproofing of the wall, which is of great importance in today’s buildings. Available in many colour variants, it allows for an original arrangement of the bed and adapting it to any interior style. Recommended for vertically opening murphy bed.