Space saving solutions. LIFT coffee table, UP & DOWN table, PARTY dining table, PARTY kitchen table. Fold-out tables for small spaces. Modern mechanisms allow you to hide spacious table tops in surprising places. The PARTY dining table is a table hidden in a dresser. The modern design of the furniture fits into any interior. And one of the spacious drawers hides a table for 4 people. The PARTY kitchen table is a table hidden in a small shelf-drawer. When unfolded, it becomes a kitchen table for a family of several. Kitchen tables no longer have to take up space in a small kitchen. A fold-out table will allow you to move freely when preparing meals and spend time together at the table when you need it. The PARTY kitchen table can also be an ironing place, or an additional kitchen top. PARTY kitchen and dining tables are multifunctional custom-made furniture that will adapt to the arrangement of any small kitchen and living room.

LIFT coffee table UP & DOWN table - functional fold-out space saving tables. Arranging a small, modern living room with such a piece of furniture is easy and comfortable. UP & DOWN coffee table creates a fold-out table with several dimensions to choose from. An extendable dining table for 4, 6, 8 people is an unusual convenience. Especially when it doesn't take up space, it is hidden in compact coffee table. LIFT model and the UP & DOWN fold-out one are comfortable coffee tables that can be placed next to the sofa for comfort and enjoy the space saved in a small living room or studio. We know how to arrange a small apartment well.

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Voila folding desk – NEW

According to growing interest in compact furniture, we have created a new model of a folding multi-functional desk - Voila. Space saving, functionality, comfort. Where there is no place for a separate room to work - in a stu-dio apartment, a small studio for a single. Where the living room is a combination of a dining room, office, rest room. In a small-sized children's or youth room. In a flat for rent for a student. The Voila desk will work best in these spaces. Thanks to Voila's solution, any type of room in which we decide to work will not lose any of its origi-nal function. Time to relax, eat and sleep will not be disturbed by the view related to the professional space. And if necessary, the desk will always be at your fingertips. Warning! The price configuration applies only to the Voila desk. If you are interested in solutions of a wall bed with Voila desk, please contact the showroom.

LIFT folding coffee table

LIFT folding coffee table with a dining table hidden in the countertop. Raised, creates 120 × 80 folding table. Thanks to the hidden top panels, it offers 4 different table lengths. Its maximum size is 220 cm. Steel legs create a stable structure for the table of any of the selected dimensions. And gas cylinders make the bench rise without the use of force, with one hand. User friendly wheels hidden in the base of the construction allow it to be moved freely anywhere. Everything conceived for convenience and comfort of use. Italian design is special bonus.

PARTY folding table

Party table - commode and table in one piece of furniture. For the kitchen or dining room. Like all our furniture - hidden somewhere. This time in ... a dresser. Every day, a shapely chest of drawers, with space for everyday items, turns into a spacious fold-out dining table or kitchen meal just in a few seconds. The table top is hidden in the top drawer and supported on two solid, telescopic legs that slide out of the drawer simultaneously with the top. Thanks to the use of innovative technology of unfolding and folding furniture, the table is really spacious - it is up to 134 cm. And durable - it has a load capacity of 100 kg of even load.

PARTY shelf&table

Folding table for the dining room or kitchen, hidden in… a shelf. A small shelf attached to the wall (width to choose: 60/90/120) hides a spacious, comfortable table with a length of 160cm, at which 4 people can sit freely. The table top is supported by two telescopic legs that open automatically when the top is extended. Opening or folding the furniture takes only a few seconds. The most modern solutions used in the shelf-table mechanism guarantee trouble-free use for years.

UP&DOWN table

The UP & DOWN table is a modern solution for a room where there is no space for a traditional table. A small piece of furniture, when needed, rises and unfolds into a comfortable table for 4 or even 6 people. The table can be set at any height. As a coffee table, it is only 27 cm high. In the form of a table it can have two dimensions of the top with a maximum 80 cm height. Easy opening and closing of the furniture is provided by a system of gas cylinders. Thanks to it the arrangement changes takes only a few seconds and is extremely simple. A comfortable compact folding table and coffee table in one, saves space and gives you the freedom to arrange the room.