łóżko do bardzo małej sypialni

Bed for small bedroom

Bed for small bedroom. Let's start with what we mean by "a very small bedroom"? Our proposition? Extreme dimensions, e.g. 2.5x2.0. What to do with them? A traditional bed will make the only element of the room a mattress. And yet...

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Wallbed with a desk in two ways

Walbed with a desk in two ways, and maybe even more ...? The smooth front of the wall beds begs to use this space for additional functionalities. And we use this opportunity to the extent that we have enough imagination and...

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mała sypialnia pomysły

A small bedroom – how to arrange it?

A small bedroom, even an extremely small bedroom. Such a 2x2 with a catch. Is it possible to think about its sensible device at all? Space savings? Arrangement? Our answer is yes. This is what multifunctional furniture was invented for,...

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