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ClickBed Table murphy bed

ClickBed Table - two functions in one neat piece of furniture that saves space and gives more freedom. For work, meals, everyday life - a comfortable table for 4 people. For rest and relaxation - a full-size double wall bed folding vertically. Characteristic of this solution is the form of the table, which is supported on one stable leg. When changing the arrangement from day to night functions, you do not need to do anything with the table. It automatically folds on the front of the bed that is opening. The combination of functionality, aesthetics and comfort - for small apartments and their optimal arrangement.

ClickBed Twist – revolving murphy bed

ClickBed Twist - an innovative, patented model of murphy bed, which is not only foldable, but also it hides behind the wall of the rack. Arranged in the living room, during the day creates so-called wall unit - a modern bookcase with shelves for books or decorations, a niche for a TV screen and four spacious drawers with a silent closing mechanism. People who stay in such a room will not even think that this elegant piece of furniture conceals a real bed. ClickBed Twist is a multifunctional piece of furniture for the 21st century. Stylish, discreet, reliable. Giving exceptional comfort in small interiors of living rooms, offices and open space arrangements with two different functions: daily and night life.

ClickBed V Desk murphy bed with desk

ClickBed Desk - an innovative solution for home office. A small space that combines day and night functions with no sacrifices. Instead of bed sofa or a traditional bed, furniture 2 in1 will work best. Universal style, a wide selection of colors. An extensive furniture set for any space arrangement.When the bed is opened, the top is hidden under its and is an additional support for the furniture frame. And importantly, there is no need to clean of the things on the table top.

ClickBed V Sofa Box murphy bed

ClickBed V Sofa Box is a murphy bed dedicated to those who expect even more from multifunctional furniture. In this solution, the sofa has additional advantages. The spacious container under the sofa seat is a place for storing "emergency" bedding (wall beds don’t require bedding and hiding) or other items. The back of the sofa are soft, large cushions that can be used as a headrest when the bed is unfolded. The sofa is not attached to the front of the bed, which gives new possibilities for interior design.