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Headboard 3D

A modern and comfortable solution for murphy beds. Thanks to the headrest, the furniture acquires additional aesthetic and functional values. Depending on the needs and the idea for arranging the bed, it is possible to choose and install various sizes of headrest. A rich palette of fabrics allows to adjust the headboard to any murphy bed and integrate into the arrangement of the room in the night space. Thanks to the use of special technology, this type of headrest gives the impression of 3D effect, which gives the whole furniture a dynamic, modern character. Recommended for all murphy beds opening vertically.

Headboard Caro

A classic design in a modern arrangement. The quilting of the headrest refers to the style of traditional English furniture. Thanks to this, Caro's headrest will work best in a classic arrangement of murphy bed and the room it stands in. Its casual elegance will be underlined by fabrics in the colour of the currently fashionable deep green, navy blue, grey and claret. In addition to aesthetic values, the headrest increases the pleasure of using the murphy bed. The soft-touch backrest is a good alternative to the hard back of the furniture. On request, with buttons available.

Headboard Dream

Dynamic, large design is recommended especially for modern interiors. Wide stitching gives the impression of a spacious. This effect can be enhanced by LED lighting. It provides a comfortable backrest - increases the quality of bed use and is a remarkable element of aesthetic value. Thanks to the wide range of colours of the fabrics it blends with the style of the murphy bed and the arrangement of the whole room. It can adapt to colour of the interior or be a colourful, eye-catching accent. Recommended for vertically opening murphy bed.

Headboard Honey

A functional and elegant solution for a murphy bed. A honeycomb pattern is good-looking in a multicolour version especially, emphasizing the decorative stitching of the headrest. The soft, delicate fabric gives comfortable support when reading or watching TV. An additional benefit is the soundproofing of the wall, which is of great importance in today’s buildings. Available in many colour variants, it allows for an original arrangement of the bed and adapting it to any interior style. Recommended for vertically opening murphy bed.

Headboard Wall

Elegant headrest that look like a chocolate bar. However, thanks to the wide range of colours it does not have to be in chocolate only. The arrangement of the murphy bed gives it a cosy character, which will be additionally emphasized by the LED lighting. Soft to touch, in addition to its aesthetic qualities, it is a comfortable backrest for the time of relaxation and rest. It's a more silent and comfortable alternative to the cool and hard back of the murphy bed. Available in different sizes, depending on the idea of finishing the bed, it covers all or part of the back. Recommended for every murphy bed model.