Wall bed for a child – how to choose it right?

a wall bed for a child

Wall bed for a child has many names. Because a children’s room is a very specific space to be arranged. Combining many functions and “growing” with its inhabitants. At the beginning, all you need is a changing table and a cot. Then comes the time for the first larger toys, a table, shelves, cabinets. As a little man grows, his needs grow. The colors of the walls, furniture and toys change, there are more, more and more toys … In this kaleidoscope of expectations, passions and interests, trinkets, posters, holiday souvenirs, there is always … a bed.

How to choose a bed for a child’s room? Which model of a wall bed choose for which space?

Wall bed for a child to a very small room

łóżko chowane w szafie dla dziecka

Children’s rooms usually do not overwhelm of the space. And there must be a place to play, meet friends, study, and furniture for all children’s treasures. And a comfortable, quiet space for sleeping and evening relaxation. We adults usually have several separate rooms at our disposal to carry out all these activities. And the child only has one room.

Therefore, saving space in a children’s room is a priority. For a bed to be comfortable for both a 3-year-old and a teenager, it must have a good mattress and be spacious. Because children grow and our parents often sleep in it during childhood illness or when our child is tormented by bad dreams. It is also always nice to have somewhere to lie down comfortably at bedtime and talk or read a book.

A wall bed is the perfect solution for a small children’s room. Which does not take up daily space, and guarantees a comfortable rest at night. Closed during the day, it allows you to enjoy freedom and does not hinder moving around the room. And here the basic question arises: which wardrobe bed model to choose vertical or horizontal?

łóżko w szafie z sofą wymiarA wall bed for a child, i.e. a horizontally opened, is a compact and space-saving solution. It fits perfectly where it is narrow, and the room resembles the proverbial “tram”. It also works very well under all slants and in small niches. It is suitable for small children’s, older and teenagers’ rooms. Although, taking into account the arrangement of the mattress in this bed model and the great need for independence in young children, it will be a lot of joy, especially for the youngest. Because such a bed, thanks to the solutions used, can be easily and safely opened by even a few-year-olds. The small height of the furniture also allows it to be built with additional cabinets and shelves. Where everything will be at your fingertips. Regardless of the age of the youngest member of the household.

A bed for a relatively large children’s room

If we have quite a large children’s room, the question arises: why do we need a wall bed? Our answer is: because there is never too much free space in a room. Especially when our child is older and in addition to the bed in the room, a more adult place to meet friends or spend free time during the day could be useful. And here we see a model of a wall bed for children, which is not at all obvious at first – a sofa wall bed i. And the combination of two pieces of furniture in one gives us the opportunity to use any saved space. Which we can use for a gaming table, a game instrument, a dressing table for a teenager, musical equipment, etc.

łóżko w szafie dla dzieckaA vertically opening bed will be appreciated by older children, teenagers and students. Its height requires an appropriate height so that the opening and closing of the bed is efficient and easy. In order for such a bed to blend in well with the arrangement of the room, it is enough for the layout of the room to be on a square or rectangular plan with similar side lengths.

We illustrate our advice today with a sofa. But please remember that there are other functionalities to choose from. It can be a wall bed with a desk (the solution is also available in a horizontal version of the bed), a bed with a library or a spacious work table.

Multifunctional solutions can do a lot. Which one we choose depends on our needs. And no, the needs of our children above all. Which will be equally appreciated by adults as the comfort of use, originality of solutions and … no need to make bed every morning. Regardless of what adults think about it, who also often do not like this activity and appreciate the possibility of letting go of the morning duty. 🙂