Wallbed with a desk in two ways

Walbed with a desk in two ways, and maybe even more …?

The smooth front of the wall beds begs to use this space for additional functionalities. And we use this opportunity to the extent that we have enough imagination and technological possibilities. But sometimes our clients surprise us with their expectations. New solutions emerge that force us to be creative and, on the other hand, expand the range of multifunctional furniture solutions.

A bed with a desk in two ways – built-in to size

łóżko z biurkiem na dwa sposobyHere is the first of our “special projects”. When ordering a ClickBed V model, the customer decided to fully cover the wall. He wished to include a desk in it as well. But not on the smooth front of the bed, this one was to remain unchanged.
łóżko z biurkiem meble na wymiar

And this is how a multifunctional development was created – a bookcase with space for books, cabinets for e.g. clothes and a place for a desk. But not classic. Also retractable, just like the bed.

If you look at the photo with the bed open, on the right side you will notice an extending tabletop. Yes, it is a desk top that can be hidden in the building at any time. It is designed in such a way that you can permanently place, for example, a computer monitor in the recess and when you start working, you can expand the desk with additional space on the table top. Which during the rest period can either be hidden or used as a bedside table.

Thanks to this solution, you can also work freely during the day by closing the bed. And the sight of a nearby bed will not tempt you to an afternoon nap. 😉

It is a convenient solution for those who need to combine the office and bedroom functions in a small room.

Wallbed with a desk in two ways – Transforms exposition

łóżko w szafie z sofą i biurkiem

Following customer suggestions, we decided to experiment on our own. And so, inspired by the previously described project, we have created a sofa wallbed with a desk. In yet another version. In order to combine several functionalities at the same time, we chose the ClickBed V Sofa bed model for a small, compact structure. We hid the desk behind a white front with a shapely handle. This solution resembles the old racks with a bar (it also has a backlight inside, like the others), but it hides a spacious place for work, not all kinds of entertainment.

The bottom of the front of the desk fits perfectly to the back of the sofa. And here the question may arise whether such a connection does not interfere with opening and closing the tabletop? No, we don’t mind. We wanted a harmonious structure that maintained the lines, so we chose a mechanism that lifts it up when opening and closing the table top. Please take a close look at what it looks like.

How to combine a desk with a sofa wallbed?
łóżko w szafie z sofą i biurkiem

The edges of the furniture do not overlap, and after opening the cabinet, we have a comfortable desk with a recess to hide a laptop, printer or other things necessary for work.

The desk top is discreetly illuminated (LED lighting is located in the shelf), so we can work with it at any time. The desk can be opened with the bed closed or open. Which means that some of the house’s residents can rest on the couch while others work freely.

We recommend this solution especially for small bedrooms and living rooms. It will also work well in the student room of older youth. 3 different pieces of furniture in one – this solution can be seen in person and convinced of its small size and functionality by visiting our Transforms ClickBed showroom, located at 72 Trakt Brzeski in Warsaw. We invite you. 🙂