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What is worth to know buying a murphy bed?

When buying a murphy bed or any multifunctional piece of furniture, we most often focus on its colors, matching to the interior and dimensions. Yes, these are important points that need to be considered. But we assure you that they are even more important. Less visible, inconspicuous, but extremely important. What is worth paying attention  when buying a murphy bed, so that you can sleep peacefully and without worries? We invite you to a short read.

A murphy bed without secrets – the mechanism

gdzie kupić łóżko w szafieMultifunctional furniture is furniture whose most important parameter is quality. These are structures that have been in constant motion for years. They open, close, slide apart, raise or lower not on holidays, but on a daily basis. As long as we can forgive the shelf that it is not somehow well-made and not very stable, in the case of wall beds or other compact furniture, the guarantee of good construction is the basis.

And what does this mean for multi-purpose furniture? The key to success is the mechanism. It is supposed to be reliable, made of the best materials, built precisely to the letter. And solid. For the construction of our beds, we use proven mechanisms imported from Italy, which use the latest technological solutions. We know that they are reliable and we confirm it with a 10-year guarantee for their operation.

So when finding out the details in the selected store offering murphy beds, it is worth asking what mechanism is used for their construction, what warranty is covered, where it comes from, what material it is made of (we suggest: it should be steel).

To make the murphy bed comfortable

łóżko w szafie cenaIt should have not only a reliable mechanism, but also additional facilities that make using it a pleasure, not torture. Gas cylinders and decelerators are a “must have” of this design. They guarantee safety of use (the bed will not fall on anyone’s head during the day) and support the opening and closing of the bed. Because such a piece of furniture should be opened effortlessly, literally with one hand. Opening the Clickbed takes just a few seconds. And even a child can open them safely and easily.

Again, when buying a murphy bed, check how it opens and closes, that it is easy to change its function. What do the legs of the bed look like, are they stable and made of good materials. Does the bed have additional safeguards to prevent its unexpected opening? This is especially important in bed models with additional functions, such as a table.

How to choose an enclosure for a murphy bed?

kupując łóżko w szafieA good manufacturer should offer at least several dozen color versions of the housing. The same goes for the sofa covers. But when choosing a housing, it is worth focusing on its parameters and the materials from which it is made. When creating  ClickBedbed models, we decided to create housings made of mdf board with a thickness of 38 mm. Choosing the materials for the front and back of the bed, we did not spare and decided on 18 mm thick boards. This is much more than required by the averaged standards and is offered by other manufacturers of murphy bedsand multifunctional furniture on the Polish market. Why? This type of furniture must be stable. The housing must support the weight of the mechanism, mattress and … users. It should support the structure of the bed and guarantee a strong fixation of the whole.

Choosing a murphy bed, do not save. You are buying a piece of furniture for years. Therefore, before choosing your dream murphy bed, it is worth checking the parameters of its housing.

How much is a wall bed?

On the market, the prices of multifunctional furniture vary widely. We can buy a murphy bed  from several hundred zlotys upwards. Sometimes there are questions from our customers, why are the prices of our beds different from the average in the market? We hope that we have clarified the reasons and dispelled the doubts. Many years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers are the best recommendation and proof that sometimes it is worth investing more and not having to deal with problems, faults, and considering complaints on a daily basis …