And where is wall bed?

And where is wall bed? This question is most often asked by our clients when they see this bed model. Even more often, when visiting our living room, they pass by it, not suspecting that it is another piece of furniture with a multifunctional solution. When we open the veil of secrecy and show what is hidden in this bookcase for the living room, it usually produces the effect of “Wow! We reacted in the same way when its first model was created. This is the ClicBed Twist swivel bed. It’s time to get to know them better.

Where is wall bed? – Ideal living room solution

łóżko w szafie obrotoweUsually, when we hide our beds on the wall, we hide them behind a smooth front. To which we “attach” other functions of the bed: sofa, table, shelves. Regardless of what finish we choose for such models, you can see that it is a piece of furniture that has something else inside. So we dreamed of a bed unlike any other. Which will be really hard to notice and at the same time will be even more functional. Compact furniture is designed to save the space of small apartments, including studios and living rooms. So why not focus on even greater comfort and combine the bed with a function that is “must have” in every living room – space for a TV, audio equipment, DVD?

Classic murphy bedsare “put” on the floor while being opened. But despite many modern solutions, it is impossible to stretch electric cables safely, for example. That is why we started to wonder: maybe it would be worth turning this bed around its axis? It was the first good step towards solving the challenge. After this idea and its implementation, the swivel bed concept was almost ready. Remaining details.

How revolving ClickBed Twist wall bed works?

łóżko w szafie do salonuPlease have a look at our latest project. At first, we have neat furniture for the living room. It has cabinets, shelves, drawers and a large space for a TV screen. When we come closer, we notice that there is a gap in the outline of the rectangle in the middle of the buildings. Now it is enough to lightly press the vertical frame in the slot to see that this part of the structure is movable. The next step is to rotate it around its axis. Instead of a bookcase, a bed frame appears on the wall. Which we open like all other models of vertical murphy wardrobe.

łóżko do salonu chowane w szafieThe mattress placed on the frame, thanks to gas actuators and dampers, gently falls to the floor, during this “maneuver” the legs extend out. And it’s here! A full size bed in the center of the living room. Which, in reverse order of the actions described here, disappears for good into the living space. And at night it is a comfortable and great-looking alternative to a bedroom that we have no room for in a cramped flat.

What can multifunctional furniture do?

First of all, they are to save space. Taking care of the best use of every existing centimeter. Second, make life easier. Third, to combine various functions and expand, if necessary, its multi-functionality. Please take a look at the photos one again. This wall bed functions as a living room bookcase, a full-size bedroom and offers … a place to work. A small niche created behind the wall dividing the living room space from the kitchen was used to build the desk. Which remains invisible in the space of the apartment. And it allows you to work in peace, a little off the beaten track, in the everyday functioning of all household members. The solution is not only functional, but also convenient. At the customer’s request, we are able to hide such a desk in the wall housing. Yes, and we can do that too!