Which wall bed to choose – ClickBed IV or ClickBed V?

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Which wall bed should you choose? On the furniture market, the number of multi-functional bed models can cause consternation. The more that they are often very similar to each other. This is the case with the models of our classic ClickBed IV and ClickBed V beds. We often get inquiries about how these beds really differ from each other? Therefore, today a few words about the similarities and differences of these two wall beds.

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ClickBed V

Which wall bed should you choose? Criteria of choice

  • The first question that needs to be answered is whether I need a simple bed or one with additional functionalities. If we are looking for a wall bed with a sofa, desk, shelves, table – the choice is simple. It will be the ClickBed V model. For which, depending on the needs and expectations of customers, we “design” two types of sofas, several versions of desks, shelves, two types of tables, and even an RTV bookcase. If our offer does not meet the customer’s expectations, we can create an individual project ideally suited to the existing interior, other furniture or the needs of users.
  • The second question is: how much do I want to “hide” my bed so that it is invisible to outsiders, e.g. guests? Sometimes the wall bed, due to modest spatial conditions, stands in the most exposed place of the house – the living room. Sometimes he stands in the office. Very often in such situations, customers want the bed to be as little visible as possible. And here we come to the main difference between the two almost identical models of wall beds …
jakie łóżko w szafie wybrać

ClickBed IV

How are the IV and V models different? The devil is in the details …

And this detail in this case is the gap between the casing of the bed and its front. Thanks to the use of a special mechanism, the distance in ClickBed IV is only 4 mm. Thus, especially if we choose a bed in a larger built, the bed “disappears” and is indistinguishable from other elements of the whole.

How it’s possible? Most of the wall beds e, which are built on the basis of the ClickBed V model, the bed legs are mounted on the longer side of the front of the bed. In ClickBed IV, we use a system that allows the feet to be mounted on the shorter side of the front. So there is no need to reserve additional space in the housing for folded feet.

As in the “V” model, in the “IV” version, the legs are folded and unfolded automatically. The bed also has all the amenities: gas cylinders, a brake system, thanks to which the bed opens safely not only for the user, but also for the structure of the furniture. Like all our beds, model IV can be opened and closed without any effort, with one hand.

Each model offers over 100 finishing variants. The bed does not have to be white as in the photos.

Thus, the issue of choice is “only” the needs and aesthetic values. Which of them will be your bed?

We leave the decision to you. 🙂