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Tbed O Due – double side bed

Can be a more comfortable sleeping solution in a small bedroom or studio apartment than a classic side bed? A solution that allows you to enjoy additional space during the day and the comfort of sleeping in a full-size bed at night. Due to the fact that Tbed O Due opens horizontally, it is visually a small piece of furniture that will cleverly fit into the space of even the smallest room. And you can use the space saved in this way for your favorite daily activities.

Tbed O Single – side bed for a child

Children's rooms are a multifunctional space for special tasks: playing, socializing, resting, studying and finally sleeping. If we add to this the fact that children's rooms usually are not very large, good management of this space becomes a priority and every free meter of space is a valuable acquisition. The side bed meets both needs and at the same time guarantees comfortable rest in a real bed.

Tbed O Desk

The evergreen of many past decades returns in a modern version. A side bed with a desk is an ideal solution for small children's and teenagers' rooms, where every free meter of space counts. The combination of two different functionalities and activities – a place for relaxation and daily study – allows you to save up to 8 square meters of room space and enjoy comfort around the clock. The Tbed O Desk bed is a single or double bed for 120/140/160/180x200 mattresses.

Tbed V Desk side bed

Tbed V Desk – the side wall bed with a desk is our answer to the new needs of users of small apartments and studios. More and more often one room is to perform several different, sometimes extreme functions. The living room is also supposed to be a bedroom. The bedroom is a office room. The side bed is a piece of furniture that allows you to combine various functionalities without losing square meters, which are so valuable in small areas. Tbed V Table is a single or double bed for 90/120/140/160/180×200 mattresses – this sizes will be available soon.

Tbed V side bed

NEW 2023! Tbed V is a classic side bed with a modern look. It will perfectly replace a traditional bed wherever every free centimeter of space counts. A small bedroom, a studio apartment, a children’s room or a small living room will gain additional space thanks to Tbed V during the day, to turn into a comfortable miniature bedroom at night. Available as a single or double bed for mattresses 90/120/160/180×200.

Tbed V sofa side bed

Tbed V Sofa is a modern side bed with a sofa which by combining two different pieces of furniture allows you to save up to 8 meters of space in a small room: living room, bedroom, office room or studio apartment. It can be a daily bed or a guest bed. Thanks to modern technological solutions, it is easy, safe and reliable to use. The Tbed V Sofa bed is a single or double side bed for 120/140/160/180×200 mattresses – this sizes will be available soon!

Tbed V Table side bed

Combination of two extremely different pieces of furniture in one model of a murphy bed. Thanks to this the space saving of each room is even greater and makes everyday life in a small apartment, room, studio apartment fully comfortable. A comfortable table during the day and in its place a full-size real bed at night. The Tbed V Table side bed is a single or double bed for 120/140/160/180×200 mattresse – this sizes will be available soon.