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Our collection of multifunctional furniture is a response to the needs of people who struggle with the problem of limited space. In an apartment or commercial premises. We have created beds, tables and benches that allow you to save space as much as possible and arrange interiors without unsatisfactory compromises. Rooms with variable arrangement combining day and night functions, extremely small bedrooms, home offices, guest rooms are places where ClickBed furniture works best.

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Murphy bed, sofa murphy bed, kids wallbed, folding bunk beds. It depends on what you need.

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We have created murphy beds and other multifunctional furniture to make life easier, save space and provide exceptional comfort regardless of the size. That is why we have created classic wall beds or wall beds with additional solutions folded vertically or horizontally. Innovative bunk beds and desk&bed concepts. Smartbed brand is ideal proposiotion for small spaces in good style.

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Beds hidden in the wardrobe and multifunctional ClickBed furniture adapt to any interior. Thanks to the wide range of finishes and colors, you can create the perfect piece of furniture. We also offer additional accessories that improve the quality of use of our beds: modern headrests, comfortable mattresses, discreet LED lighting, handy USB ports.

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You didn’t find an interesting solution? We approach each project individually; contact us and show us your idea. See Articles and Advice, where you will find examples of the implementation of ClickBed wardrobe beds and multifunctional furniture in the interiors of our clients.</ em>

Furniture and beds
for small apartments

A studio, small living room or small bedroom no longer has to mean giving up comfort and space. With Smartbed you can combine several functions in one furniture: beds, desks, bookshelves and even a dining table. In our offer you will find modern murphy, half-wall, bench, folding tables hidden in a dresser and even in a drawer. Modern, functional and space saving. Designed for comfort of use and anjoyment of additional space.

Recommended furniture

Our offer includes, among others: hidden beds, a half-wall bed, a bed with a desk, a bed in a wardrobe, a hidden bed in furniture
– furniture that performs several functions.

ClickBed – multifunctional furniture that will last in great condition for many years

Our company was established to provide comfortable living or office conditions to all people who do not have too much space at their disposal. Well-thought-out solutions combined with extraordinary precision of workmanship guarantee a perfect match to the interior and satisfaction with the use of our multifunctional furniture. Although we have already completed many modern projects, we are constantly introducing new, even more refined solutions. Thanks to this, our range meets all customer needs.

It is a myth that multifunctional furniture is less durable than traditional interior furnishings. To create products, we use only those materials that enjoy a great reputation and are characterized by high resistance to various types of mechanical damage. In addition, our retractable furniture is very well thought out and designed. In addition, during their production, we pay attention to all the details. This makes them stand out with impeccable appearance and high comfort of use when they reach our clients’ homes or apartments.

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Furniture for small apartments – why is it worth spending more time choosing them?

Flats with small areas are less and less perceived as not very practical solutions. At ClickBed, we believe that small premises are the perfect opportunity to show ingenuity and interior design skills. For this reason, we create unique multifunctional furniture, which is characterized not only by great functionality, but also by an unusual appearance. We help to arrange the space in such a way that the household members are most satisfied with it. The Italian style combined with careful workmanship is a guarantee of beautifully furnished rooms.

It is true that arranging a small interior can be quite a challenge. Therefore, it is not worth rushing with not fully thought-out decisions. Our ClickBed retractable furniture is characterized by the fact that it often serves several different functions. During the day, the bed can be used as a desk, wardrobe or sofa and thus save space in the room. For this reason, it is worth considering several different solutions before choosing furniture. Thanks to this, the renovation will be an investment for many years and will ensure great satisfaction from a well-designed interior.

ClickBed retractable furniture as an unusual complement to modern rooms

Furniture for small apartments is often associated with a not very interesting appearance. Many years of focusing on the functionality of furnishing small spaces meant that manufacturers did not pay so much attention to aesthetics and matching the character of the entire interior. As a result, small apartments were rarely distinguished by elegance, and the household members did not feel very comfortable in the rooms where they stayed every day.

At ClickBed, we know that the space where we spend so much time should not only stand out with functionality, but also please the eye. That is why our furniture for small apartments is made in various patterns and shades. Thanks to this, matching them to the appearance of the interior is not a problem. In addition, we create furniture designs with modern solutions in mind, which are extremely practical and aesthetic. For this reason, our wardrobes, tables or sofas are often an additional decoration of the interior, which is confirmed by the positive reactions of customers after seeing the furnished interior.

ClickBed furniture for small apartments – a guarantee of great quality and perfect service

Contrary to appearances, interior design is not always an easy task. Often, at the stage of creating a project, there are many doubts about which multifunctional furniture to choose so that it fulfills its task very well regardless of the passage of time. It is hardly surprising, because during the renovation we assume that it will be an investment for many long years. That is why at ClickBed we always try to dispel any doubts of our customers. Easy telephone contact and a special contact form are one of the quickest ways to find answers to our pressing questions. Our specialists will always be happy to advise you on what furniture for small apartments will work best and explain the operation of all mechanisms. Thanks to this, the chance of finding the perfect equipment will be much greater.

At Smartbed, we also realize that a prolonged renovation is nothing pleasant. That is why we quickly prepare the ordered retractable furniture for shipment and deliver it to the address indicated. We also make sure that all items are extremely well protected during transport. Improper packaging of furniture often causes it to hit other objects during longer journeys, which may adversely affect their later appearance and make it much more difficult to assemble correctly. For this reason, we pay great attention to making our furniture small apartments reached their new owners intact. Nevertheless, in case of any doubts or comments, we encourage you to contact us directly to find a solution to any problems as soon as possible.

SMARTROOM 33MQ – furnish your apartment in SMART style!

Small space… Its arrangement is a challenge. The studios, apartments – traditional and modern – still don’t stunning in free space. SMART interior design – optimal, using the latest technologies and solutions. Saves every inch of space, so that you feel comfortable in even the smallest space. This is SMARTROOM 33MQ. We will design your dream apartment. We will create a unique SMART arrangement. We will prepare every element of the project. All that’s is by your side is… to live and enjoy the free space.

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