How to arrange a small apartment?

Jak urządzić małe mieszkanie

How to arrange a small apartment so that you will be happy to come back to it and spend every moment there with pleasure? A small apartment or studio is a living space in which the primary feature is saving space. The more freedom we have in such a home every day, the better we feel there. How to arrange a small apartment to make it comfortable 24 hours a day? We give you a hint.

półkotapczan do małego mieszkaniaHow to arrange a small apartment by choosing the right colors, textures and lighting:

  1. Colors: subdued colors will make the space seem larger and more spacious. Avoid heavy, contrasting colors that can make the room seem smaller and depressing.
  2. Transparent and shiny surfaces: use elements made of transparent or shiny material, such as glass tables or mirrors. They will help reflect light and visually enlarge the space.
  3. More light! Make sure your apartment is well lit both during the day and in the evening. Access to sunlight and spot lighting at night optically brighten and enlarge the space.
  4. Open space. Small apartments don’t like too many walls. Then they optically become even smaller. Where possible, give up solid walls in favor of glazing, decorative panels and open space. Don’t worry about the functionality of your apartment, we will help you choose furniture that will increase the comfort of everyday life in small, open interiors.

How to arrange a small apartment by choosing the right furniture:

  1. Multifunctional furniture. This is a shopping “must have” if you want to furnish a small apartment comfortably and enjoy free space. Wall-mounted desks, tables that fold into drawers, coffee tables and tables with variable top surfaces were created with small apartments in mind!
    jak urządzić małe mieszkanie
  2. A side bed or a murphy bed. This is another piece of furniture that saves up to 8 square meters of room space! If you combine it with additional functionality and decide on a sofa wall bed or a murphy bed with a table, the space savings will be even greater.
  3. Optimization of wall arrangement. Install shelves, racks and cabinets on the walls to make the most of the available space without taking up additional floor space. Custom-made buildings are the optimal solution for small apartments.
  4. Storing things. Choose storage systems that will allow you to make the most of the available space, including hidden wardrobes, high kitchen cabinets and compartments, e.g. in the sofa seat.

Is it worth arranging a small apartment on your own or with the help of designers?

This is a very individual decision. Before you make a decision, consider the positives of the latter solution. Designing small interiors by specialists guarantees you:

  1. Knowledge and experience. Designers have knowledge and experience in interior design, which allows them to offer solutions that you would not consider on your own.
  2. Space optimization. Designers can optimize spaces in ways that may be difficult to achieve for someone without interior design experience.
  3. Professional budget planning. Designers can help you plan a budget for renovation and equipment of your apartment and minimize the risk of unnecessary expenses and unexpected costs.

jak urządzić małe mieszkanie

For our part, w offer you our many years of experience in arranging small spaces, supported by hundreds of projects in the homes of satisfied customers. We will select optimal solutions for your needs, propose room arrangements and finally we will build furniture for you with a 10-year warranty on the reliable operation of mechanisms.

We will make you love your small apartment again.