Wall units -clever solutions for a small living room


Wall units are a response to the changing needs and trends in interior design. And above all, the consistently modest square footage of our apartments in apartment buildings or blocks of flats.

While the classic wall unit from the 1970s and 1980s was often perceived as a massive set of furniture taking up a lot of space in a tiny apartment, today’s solutions are more flexible, functional and aesthetic.

meblościanki Here are some characteristic features of a modern wall unit that will make you willingly invest in such a solution:

1.Minimalism and simplicity. Contemporary wall units are often characterized by simple lines and a minimalist design that can easily be adapted to any interior style.
2.Modularity. Many wall units currently available on the market are modular. This means that you can freely arrange individual segments, adapting the furniture to your needs and room dimensions. We offer such a solution in our Tbed collection, offering furniture modules ready to be combined into one set. When purchasing a Tbed bed, you can choose from wardrobe modules, cabinets with a desk, and bookcases.
3.Functionality. Today’s wall units are designed with functionality in mind. They contain dedicated places for RTV equipment, clever solutions for hiding cables, and LED lighting. Various types of sockets are essential in our electronic reality.
meblościanki do salonu4.Materials. Modern wall units are made of high-quality materials, such as natural veneers, tempered glass or metal. There are also many finishing options that allow you to adapt the furniture to your individual preferences. We also keep our finger on the pulse here. We offer each of the above-mentioned finishing materials. Even more, the entire Smartbed collection, based on modular metal, glass and wood solutions that you can compose according to your preferences and needs.
5.Multifunctionality. Wall units combine several, sometimes extremely different, functions in one solution. A murphy bed with a table top. A half-bed with a desk. Folding bed with sofa. Thanks to this, you can perfectly match it to your needs and expectations.
6.Comfort of use. Old wall units were famous for failures. Today we offer solutions that make all multifunctional elements work silently, reliably, smoothly and safely.
7.Quality and safety. Modern wall units usually contain the best mechanisms that make them easier to use on a daily basis. As evidenced by the 10-year warranty we provide for the reliable operation of our furniture mechanisms!

Large and small wall units

meblościankiContemporary wall units are not only furniture, but also a decorative element that can become the focal point of your living room. Their modern design, functionality and ability to adapt to individual needs will satisfy even the most demanding customers. You decide 100% what your wall unit will look like. You choose the size and adjust its elements to your needs. You choose the colors and types of finishes. You determine every detail and refine every functionality. Following your needs and expectations, we build a piece of furniture for you unlike any other. Tailored to your needs, preferences and expectations.

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