Arrangement of small apartment – the best practises

arrangement of small apartment

Arrangement of small apartment can be a challenge, but there are many ways to make optimal use of its space and make it a functional, pleasant place for all household members. Here are some tips that may help you:

Arrangement of a small apartment – proven tips

1.Think carefully about every detail. Create a dream list – things and furniture “must have” in your apartment or interior. What can’t you imagine your life without? Also include in it how many things you already have and consider which ones you want to take with you to your new apartment. And with whom you can say goodbye. Usually, we keep a lot of unnecessary “trash” and “adventures” that follow us for years from home to home. Unused for years and cluttering the space.
2.Planning and organization. Before you start buying furniture and other elements to arrange the space, carefully plan the layout of the rooms and think about what furniture will best suit each space. Measure the rooms to have exact dimensions, then create a simple plan or diagram to know what furniture and decorations will be optimal.

Plans made, clean up done, act!

1.Multifunctional spaces. Think about how you can use one room for different purposes. For example part of the living room can be used as an office or dining room, and at the same time serve as a place to relax. The use of sliding walls or screens can help create flexible spaces depending on your needs. Multifunctional furniture will also work here, thanks to which you can clearly separate the day and night functions of the room.
aranżacja małego mieszkania2.Choosing the right furniture. In a small apartment it’s worth to invest in multifunctional furniture or furniture adapted to small spaces. For example, those that combine 2 different pieces of furniture: a sofa wall bed, a chest of drawers with a folding table, a coffee table that turns into a full-size table, a side bed with a desk… There are more and more interesting solutions on the market that allow you to save space and arrange it comfortably and interesting. Thanks to them, a small apartment really becomes bigger!
3.Optimal use of space. Identify places that can be used for storage, such as under the bed, above the door, under the stairs, etc. You can also invest in furniture with built-in shelves or cabinets to take advantage of the space up to the ceiling. Use the vertical space of the rooms. Hang shelves on the walls for extra storage space without taking up the floor.
Outdoor spaces to use: If you have access to a balcony, terrace or garden, make them an integral part of your apartment. Furnish them so that you can use these spaces all year round.

A few simple ideas that always work

aranżacja małego mieszkania łóżko w szafie
1. Bright colors and optical tricks. Using light colors on walls, floors and furniture can make a space feel larger and more open. Avoid dark shades that may diminish the interior. Also, optical tricks, such as placing a large mirror on the wall, will visually enlarge the space.

2.Minimalism and order. In a small apartment, it is worth applying the principle of “less is more”. Too much furniture and decorations can make a space feel overwhelming. Choose only the essentials and keep things tidy to avoid the impression of a cluttered space.

3.Lighting. Well-chosen lighting can significantly improve the look and feel of a space. Take advantage of natural light, avoid heavy curtains and opt for light, diffused light bulbs. Also add spotlights to highlight specific areas or decorative elements.