A living room bed you’ll love!

Łóżko do salonu które

A living room bed you’ll love because it is invisible, does not take up space and allows you to sleep like in a real bedroom. Yes, we have such a bed for you. And even more! We have several models of such beds for you! You do not believe? We invite you to read!

A living room bed you’ll love

łóżko do salonu które nie widać

The bed, next to the table, is one of the basic pieces of furniture that are hard to do without regardless of the size of the room. Even in the smallest studio apartment or micro-apartment we need a place to sleep. And this one for our health and well-being should be as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

Everyone regardless of the square meters of the house has the option of sleeping in a full-size bed. How is this possible? A murphy bed can do that. It is a multifunctional piece of furniture that was created precisely to save space in small rooms. Its concept is based on the observation that the bed must stand on the floor during the day? It may as well stand leaning the entire size of the mattress against the wall. From this thought to the final idea – to hide the bed on the wall – was only a step away. And so a traditional bed was created which depending on the time of day and night appears and disappears in the space of the room.

Which bed to choose for the living room?

One murphy bed is definitely not enough to satisfy and meet the needs of modern customers. Therefore to perfectly match the bed to the needs, and especially the possibilities of the interior, you can choose a bed that opens vertically or horizontally (the latter is the “side bed”).

łóżko w szafie do salonu któreBut that’s not all. The classic murphy bed when closed, has a smooth large front that begs to be used for something else. And so, if you still need some function that is difficult to fit in the living room as a separate piece of furniture, you can order:

  • murphy bed with a sofa – undoubtedly the most often and most often bought bed for the living room or studio
  • murphy bed with a table – thanks to it, you have a dining room and a bedroom on the same area of ​​the room
  • murphy bed with a desk – combining a place to rest with a place to work
  • murphy bed with a library – for those who never have enough space for books
  • a swivel murphy bed – where the front is a convenient bookcase with space for RTV equipment (!) murphy bed

Did we mention that the bed in question can be single or double? NO? That’s what we’re writing.

Because our beds are made only to order, we can perfectly match the size, type of construction, accessories and finishes to the arrangement of the room and your needs.

All you have to do is be a little patient. The waiting time for such a bed is 6 to 8 weeks.