Vertical side bed or horizontal one – when and how to choose?

półkotapczan pionowy

Vertical side bed or horizontal one – which one I should  choose? This is one of the most frequently asked questions when choosing a side bed. Many factors affect the level of satisfaction with the use of a wall bed. That is why today we will show the common features of both solutions and the strengths of one of them.

półkotapczan pionowyVertical side bed or horizontal one – advantages of both solutions

1.Space-saving. A side bed also known as a murphy bed or a wall bed is a perfect solution for people living in small spaces such as small apartments, studios, studios, hotel rooms. During the day you can simply fold the bed in one move and use the resulting space for other daily activities.

2.Aesthetics and discretion. Both the vertical and horizontal side bed are pieces of furniture that easily allow order and aesthetics in the room. You can fold the bed against the wall at any time and hide it from the eyes of guests or clients, which is especially important during social meetings or company visits, if the apartment is also a workplace.

3. Multifunctionality. Side beds regardless of how they are opened often have additional functions, such as shelves, drawers or a desk that can be used as a place to store things or work. This allows for even greater and better use of the available space.

półkotapczan pionowy4.Easy to keep in order. The side bed makes it easier to keep order wherever it is: bedroom, guest room, living room, children’s room. After folding the bed you have easier access to places that require cleaning: vacuuming, mopping the floor or performing other necessary activities.

5.Guarantee of quality. All side beds from the Clickbed collection are covered by a 10-year warranty. This is very important when choosing a multifunctional piece of furniture which is in constant motion like no other. Therefore its quality and reliability are the basic factors of choice and then satisfaction with use.

Vertical side bed or horizontal one – when and how to choose?

The choice between a vertical and a horizontal opened side bed depends on several factors. Both types have their advantages and may be appropriate depending on your specific needs and conditions. Here are some of our tips to help you make your decision:

vertical side bed

Space. Vertical side beds are better for high rooms that have a small floor space at their disposal. Narrow niches, spaces between already standing furniture, partition walls – here a vertical side bed works great. The domain of the horizontal side bed is especially narrow rooms where the opening of the bed is limited by the existing small space. This bed is also not limited by the arrangement of ceiling lighting or attic bevels.

Ease of use. Vertical side beds have modern mechanisms supporting their opening and closing – gas actuators, brakes. However, despite everything it is easier to open them for tall people without any mobility disabilities. Horizontal side beds are beds especially liked by children and teenagers, because opening and closing them on their own does not cause them any trouble.

Visual features and optimal use of space. If two identical-sized half-walls are compared, one opened horizontally and the other vertically, the latter will visually appear larger and take up more space. The horizontal half-bed gives the impression of being smaller due to its lower height. Its another advantage is the possibility of building a wall above the bed and optimal use of its space. In the case of a vertical half-bed, it is usually built around the bed itself, not above it.

Do you already know which side bed will be the best for you?