How to order a murphy bed during a pandemic?

jak zamówić łóżko w szafie

How to order a murphy bed  when we do not want to expose ourselves to the risk of infection? This question has remained relevant for many months and does not only apply to the purchase of furniture. We have been hearing them from you very often for a year. Therefore, today a few tips on how to safely realize your dream of changing the arrangement of an apartment.

How to safely buy a murphy bed?

gdzie kupić łóżko w szafieWe live in a time when most of our purchases have moved to the internet. It is no different with furniture purchases. However, it is one thing to buy a ready-made piece of furniture that reaches us within 48 hours of the transaction, and another to order a piece of furniture to size. We have many years of experience in the implementation of remote orders – our beds and multifunctional furniture are hosted in homes all over Europe. That is why we propose a solution that is both safe and effective. Each of our clients is satisfied with the end result.

The first step to ordering a murphy bed is to choose the bed model. On the website of our online store you have an overview of all our multifunctional bed models and the “photo blog” tab, which you can get inspired by and see what a given model may look like in reality. When the decision on which bed to buy has been made, it’s time to refine the details. In the card of each of our products there are fields to choose from:

  • the size of the bed
  • colors and type of finishes
  • fabrics – if it is a sofa murphy bed
  • extras: headrest, LED lighting, mattress

When the bed design is finished, all you need to do is press the “buy” button, make an advance payment, and we proceed to the order. Waiting time – 6-8 weeks. That’s all!

projekt łóżka w szafieThis is not the only way to success that we propose. Often our clients need guidance, want to inquire about the details of order fulfillment, are not convinced of such anonymous purchases as remote ones. See for yourself that on the other side of the monitor there is a reliable company they can trust. They also often want to order a bed with additional furniture, which requires separate, detailed arrangements. We get it. Investing in a new piece of furniture differs from everyday “online shopping”. Therefore, after the initial online configuration, we offer you a more direct contact: e-mail or telephone.

How to order a murphy bed by phone?

When we arrange the details of the order by e-mail or telephone, we proceed to the project implementation. Our designers prepare a preliminary outline of the bed in a specific arrangement. We specify the dimensions of the room, check the details, e.g. if the bed will not catch on the overhead lighting when opening it, and send the design to the client. On request, we also provide visualizations so that the client has the most realistic image of how his bed will look and present itself in a given room.

gdzie zamówić łóżko w szafieAfter approval, we start building the furniture. All our beds are made to individual orders. Thanks to this, there have never been two identical murphy beds. And our clients are guaranteed that their furniture is unique and one of a kind. When the bed is ready, depending on the customer’s needs, we either send it to the address indicated (along with detailed instructions on how to assemble the furniture), or we bring it and install it at the customer’s home.

This is the only critical moment when we have the pleasure of getting to know each other, but at the same time there is direct contact. Our teams of fitters work in a full sanitary regime, in compliance with all safety rules. We strive to protect both our employees and customers. And so far, we have never contributed to any contamination, and we have worked consistently, even in full lockdown.

We sincerely hope that the time will come (and soon) when we will be able to invite you to our showrooms. Where you can personally see how our multifunctional furniture works, try out each bed model, discuss order details directly with the designers.

Let’s take care of each other. And see you in virtual space!