Modern furniture for the Clickbed studio

Modern studio furniture does not always have to look “modern”. They can take any style, color or form. In our opinion, their modernity is primarily: comfort of use and space saving. Which, by definition, there is not much in a studio apartment. Today we present two solutions for apartments with a floor area not exceeding 40 m. Let’s call them: mini version and maxi version. Each of them ensures full functionality of the space and allows you to enjoy the meters of free space freed from the furniture. It provides freedom and high comfort of everyday use.

How to arrange a studio well – a mini proposal

jak wybrać nowoczesne meble do kawalerkiEach apartment is multifunctional by definition. But in a studio apartment, its multi-functionality is most noticeable. In a small space, there must be a place to prepare meals – a kitchen. The space to eat them – the dining room. A place to relax, preferably with a sofa, bench, where you can rest safely. And especially important now – a place to work. But the house, even the smallest one, lives not only during the day. The dream is that a studio apartment will turn into a cozy, full-size bedroom during the night’s rest. And we are making this dream come true.

Here is one of our latest implementations. A small open space studio, which simultaneously functions day and night. As can be seen in the photo, there is a kitchen and a place to relax in one communication route. A comfortable sofa is a continuation of the kitchen wall. And there would be nothing surprising in this, if not for the fact that this part of the arrangement is also a bedroom. Behind the back of the sofa there is a full-size bed invisible during the day. Which, when opened, completely changes the function of this place of relaxation.

What are the advantages of choosing wall bed with a sofa?

First of all, saving space. Second, ease of use. A modern mechanism that opens and closes the bed allows you to change the living room into a bedroom in just a few seconds. Third, the day and night functions are clearly separated from each other and do not interfere with the daily use of the room. When we cook dinner, host guests, exercise or work, our daily routine is not disturbed by the view of the bed. And at night, after folding the sofa, we have our private place. Just for us. Providing a comfortable sleep and not requiring bedding. But in combining different functionalities and hiding them depending on which we use, we can definitely go further. How far? Please see and read on.

Modern studio furniture, unlike any other

aranżacja kawalerkiFirst, a short riddle: how many meters is the studio apartment in the photos? Before we answer it, however, we will tell you how we achieved the effect of so much free space. First of all, in this apartment, the only room separated by walls is the bathroom. So we have an open space, room-kitchen-dining-living room-bedroom at the same time. Which remain invisible for the most part on a daily basis. How is this possible. Please look at the photos with the sofa. Remembering the previous example, you can guess that there i bed behind it. And that’s the way it is. Thanks to the fully built-up walls, the space for storing clothes, everyday items and items that we reach for the holidays has been used to the maximum.

jak oszczędzić miejsce w kawalerceNow look at the opposite wall. Anthracite fronts are another building, this time a wardrobe? So what’s a hocker counter doing there? And where is the kitchen? Even if we are the biggest fans of take-out and eating out in the city, it is worth finding a corner for a coffee or tea brew. So you need a cupboard and a small sink for that … Besides, it’s nice to cook something yourself from time to time. How to live without a kitchen? Although it is possible, it is extremely functional. It is high time to discover what is hidden behind this wooden wall. Please look…

meble kuchenne do małej kawalerki


Open sesame!

After opening the fronts, there is not only a kitchen, but also a place to work and a table for shared meals in one piece of furniture. And a range of multi-functional shelves, cabinets and drawers. Which hide one more surprise: a TV screen for a projector, which is located on the opposite wall (of course also hidden, this time in a cupboard above the sofa).

So we have all the functionalities necessary for a comfortable life, which can be freely hidden or displayed. Depending on the time of the day, what we do, what bothers us and what we need at the moment.

Multifunctional furniture can do it. They surprise with functionality, solutions and creativity. Regardless of whether we choose wall bed with a sofa, or we choose the overall design of the Smartroom apartment, satisfaction with use and quality – guaranteed!

Finally, solving the puzzle: the maxi version of the studio has only … 30 square meters of space.