Folding bunk bed with a desk for only child

składane łóżko z biurkiem

A folding bunk bed with a desk is usually associated with a sibling’s room. So upstairs a bed, downstairs a bed and a desk attached to the whole. But only children dream of a bunk bed, too. Especially that having a room only for themselves, they don’t have to fight for whose bed it will be their dream – upstairs. And although a traditional bunk bed is a space saver, we decided to go further. We have created a bed that is not only bunk, but hides against the wall. This is how ClickBed Twin was created. And because each bed is made individually, we can offer various variants of beds and adapt them to specific needs and expectations. And sometimes even dreams. Especially the youngest. Today we show and describe the effects of such combinations.

Folding bunk bed with desk Twin & Voila

łóżko z biurkiem składaneThe guidelines of our latest project were clear: a small children’s room. We needed to create a place to study and sleep. With as much freedom and space as possible for fun and intensive everyday life of a small resident. And the maximum use of wall space for wardrobes, cupboards and shelves. We had a choice of two bed models with a desk: ClickBed Single and ClickBed Voila. These are the so-called Murphy bed horizontally opened. Thanks to their small size, especially their height, opening and closing the bed is a piece of cake. So even the smallest toddler can handle it, without the need for an adult. But we knew that our youngest client quietly dreams of a bunk bed. So instead of using ready-made solutions, we started designing and combined the Twin bunk bed with the Voila desk model.

Advantages of a bunk bed with a desk

składane łóżko piętrowe z biurkiem We have removed the lower bed from the fold-away bunk bed – unnecessary for an only child. The front appeared in his place. And on it we installed the Voila desk. What are the advantages of this solution? First, the bed and the desk work independently. So there are several versions of such a solution: a closed bed and a folded desk, an open bed and an open desk, a closed bed and an open desk, an open bed and a closed desk. So you can freely change the configuration, depending on what you want at the moment and what you need.

Secondly, we save space in each solution, instead of two separate pieces of furniture we have one – compact. And the multiplicity of arrangements favors the use of the furniture in various ways. Both the traditional ones – learning, sleep. As well as the less conventional ones – as part of free play, create an underwater ship, a spaceship, a princess’ castle, a secret grotto from the furniture. Whatever is in the mind and soul, it can happen here.

Most importantly, no matter how ingenious, it will be safe. The steel frame and the solid mechanisms that close the bed and the desk guarantee that the whole structure of the bed will function reliably while you sleep, play, work or relax.

Multifunctional furniture made to measure

łóżko piętrowe z biurkiem


We have integrated our unconventional bed with a desk into the other furniture. The two-color fronts of all elements make it optically light despite its large size. It does not overwhelm, but blends naturally into the character of the room. And this one, although small, took breath and space. It will look even more interesting when books and toys appear on the shelves – a joyful child’s mess of colors and textures.

Finally, a few words about the illustrations. Multifunctional furniture goes mainly to small rooms and spaces. Which is quite obvious, because they were invented for them. But hence a good illustration of our realizations sometimes becomes quite a challenge. We hope that it is still an advantage, because no, even the most realistic model can replace real solutions.