Made-to-measure bed – murphy beds can do it!

łóżko na wymiar Warszawa łóżko w szafie

A made-to-measure bed also means – on special request. Tailored to the customer’s needs in every way and in every respect. What can murphy beds offer in this space? A lot! We invite you to read.

A made-to-measure bed for special task

łóżko na wymiar Warszawa

A murphy bed  is a universal modern solution for apartments with a small area or a limited number of rooms. They save space, are comfortable and easy to use. They allow you to freely combine day and night functions in one room. In addition, the number of types of available models of murphy beds  can make your head spin.

But that’s not all this furniture can do.

First of all, because Clickbed murphy beds are made to order. If you have non-standard expectations regarding the dimensions of the mattress or bed frame – we can meet them by creating a tailor-made frame. We can also strengthen it if 150 kg load on a single bed frame is not enough for you.

łóżko na wymiar WarszawaSecondly, thanks to the fact that we are responsible from start to finish for the production process, we can offer you solutions that you will not find on our website, but you care about them very much.

What does it mean?

  • Freedom of shape and size of the sofa. You can choose between a symmetrical and asymmetrical form, a chaise longue, a corner sofa, and a “C” shape. We will prepare and implement your dream project and combine it with a murphy bed.
  • As with the sofa, we can similarly change other additional functions of our bed models. Number of shelves, type of desk top, type of table.
  • If the bed itself with additional functionality (e.g. sofa, table, shelves) is not enough for you, just let us know what you need. Do you dream of a folding desk? Or maybe an invisible bedside table? We will design the optimal solution for you.
  • A made-to-measure bed also means that you can design and build any structure. Because the murphy bed itself is already part of the wall, adding more elements to it is much easier than in the case of a traditional standing bed. Here you can choose single elements, partial construction or complete wall construction. We offer custom-made finishes in the form of: wardrobes, libraries, illuminated shelves, drawers, TV shelves. … etc. etc.

Made-to-measure bed – we can surprise

łóżko na wymiar meble modułowe custom made bedBut that’s not all. You can choose from traditional buildings or modern modular solutions. Yes, our Young collection was created as a solution for small spaces and modern interiors. Their structures are made of a combination of steel, wood and glass. Thanks to this, even the largest whole is visually light and does not overwhelm a small room or studio space.
Have we already written everything? Certainly not. Which does not mean that this is the end of our possibilities.
Think about which bed you dream of the most. And then come or call or look at our website.

Together we will make your dream of a perfect bed come true. The fact that you have a small apartment is not an obstacle for us but a challenge.

See you!