An IKEA wall bed? No, this is ClickBed!

łóżko w szafie IKEA

IKEA wall bed is one of the most frequently key words in Google. This fact made us think. Because what is the Scandinavian furniture giant known for? First of all, apart from the design, its furniture is easy to assemble. Thanks to this, you can save time and money and make this effort yourself. And with clear, pictorial and detailed instructions it is not a great effort, but brings great satisfaction.

The above-mentioned Scandinavian design also plays a significant role here. We like furniture and interior design in the Scandinavian style. Noble simplicity, versatility, ease with which this type of furniture design fits into virtually any space. Following this lead, we decided to meet customer expectations. The more that IKEA wall bed does not exist. And we created two models of wall beds for self-assembly. Here they are:

Sofa Wall bed DYI

łóżko w szafie IKEAClickBed V Young Sofa it a sofa wall bed that can be easily assembled at home. The basic structure of the furniture is a metal frame attached to the wall, thanks to which the bed is stable and safe to use. The frame is fitted with plates that constitute the side and front of the bed. Our offer includes about 100 types of front finishes in the standard version, so the bed can be freely matched to the color of any interior. The heart of the bed is the mechanism that opens and closes the furniture. Gas actuators and decelerators integrated into the structure make the use of ClickBed V Sofa Young easy and pleasant. And of course safe.

jak zrobić łóżko w szafie

IKEA wall bed by ClickBed

A double sofa is mounted to the front of the bed, which hides underneath when opened. After opening, we see a full-size bed with a one-piece Sembella Amber Dream mattress. Additional functional elements that make our stay in bed more pleasant are side lighting (installed in the walls) and a cozy, soft headrest. Please take a look at the photos from our showroom (for obvious reasons, unfortunately we don’t have photos from our clients’ apartments). We can see both the structural elements of the bed, the sofa and the steel frame on which the mattress rests.

The wall beds, apart from their functional values, must be solid in construction. After all, it is a piece of furniture that is constantly in motion. Thanks to the use of a rack structure, the bed, despite its large dimensions and many mechanisms, has a light, non-overwhelming appearance. Both in open and closed version and that’s what we wanted to do to create a piece of furniture that will work reliably for years, and thanks to its universal design, it will fit anywhere.

Where to buy a sofa wall bed – step by step

gdzie kupić łóżko w szafie IKEAYou can buy DYI wall bed through our website or order it in the salon. On the customer side, there is a choice of finishes – frame fillings and sofa colors. After ours – realization and shipping of the bed. As each of our beds is created as an individual project, the waiting time for implementation is about 6 weeks. We send our beds by courier in 3 packages. Each of them comes with a clear, pictorial assembly manual. You won’t need any screw, strip, anything extra. In the packages you will find all the elements necessary for assembly. And this one takes up to 4 hours. Following the instructions step by step, you put together the individual elements and … here it is – your DYI wall bed.


ClickBed V Young Sofa is a proposal for small apartments, studios, small living rooms. It will be perfect wherever space saving is a priority. And for those who are looking for a bed that takes up even less space and at the same time for self-assembly, we have created ClickBed V Young. Simply wall bed with no additional functions.