Bed for the living room? Advantages of murphy beds

sofa bed for the living room

We consider the bed for the living room in very specific situations. The first is the moment when our children grow up and start to need separate rooms. Then the parents face the choice: be patient in the face of growing dissatisfaction of the kids, or give up their own bedroom and move to the living room. The second situation is buying an apartment: a studio, apartment or flat. The truth is, the years go by, and we still live in not too spacious interiors. Which, in order for them to be comfortable and functional, should be invariably carefully considered and arranged.

When we consider how to deal with the challenge of combining a bedroom with a living room, we have two types of furniture to choose from: sleeping sofa and murphy bed. Unfortunately, we often don’t know that the latter option exists at all. And we decide on a folding sofa. “”If I knew about it before,”” we read more than once in the comments below our posts. And you can choose differently: without compromise. Focusing on comfort: space, sleep and everyday life.”

Living room bed – compromise or new quality?

Let’s think about what gives us a sofa with sleeping function? Certainly saving space. And convenience in everyday use of the living room. But nomen omen this functionality of the sofa is its weakest side. To put a sleeping place in the sofa in the folded version, we need to fold the mattress day after day. To unfold it again in the evening. Ideas with couches, in which the mattress are cushions-backs, are ignored here with significant silence. What does it mean? That, firstly, the mattress must be relatively thin (otherwise the sofa would take on monstrous dimensions), and secondly, that as it is used, its elasticity (especially in places of bends) decreases regularly. After a few months of daily opening and closing, we will feel it on our backs.

What makes us sleep comfortably and get up refreshed in the morning and not broken? Mattress! Tailored to the needs of our body: adequately thick, elastic and set on a solid frame. Which is not stretched and folded 2 times a day, but remains in place all the time. Does the sofa with sleeping function ensure this?

Bed in the living room – murphy bed with sofa- yes!

We don’t like compromises. Therefore, when designing our furniture, we focus on “”win-win”” solutions. Instead of folding sofas, couches, corners, we suggest a murphy bed with a sofa. What do you gain by making such a choice? – saving space – compact furniture is a solution that takes up the least space – because it can be additionally built-in – they use every centimeter of the space occupied – please look at the photo – even the backs of the sofa can be a small library. – comfort of use – a full-size comfortable sofa and bed with the functionality of a traditional bedroom bed.
– ease of use – murphy bed with sofa changes into a full-size bed in just a few seconds
– quality – multifunctional furniture is designed for years and they are in constant “”movement””. Proof – we give 10 years warranty for our mechanisms!
– design – we can adapt the murphy bed with sofa to virtually any type of living room arrangement. Dozens of casing versions, several dozen types of upholstery fabrics – as standard.
– functionality – our beds not only hide the mattress. With it, the linen is hidden in the furniture. We save and facilitate everyday life wherever possible.
– multitasking – depending on expectations, the murphy bed has many “”faces”” – it can be a version with a sofa, but also with a desk, a bookcase, a table for a family of several. We can even hide them behind a multifunctional shelf with drawers, shelves and space for TV. Pictures illustrating this post present ClickBed V Sofa – one of several models of murphy bed we offer.
The bed for the living room does not have to be a sad resignation from comfort. It can be a modern, comfortable alternative to traditional, not always the best solutions. The choice is yours…