Coffee table and sofa wallbed – the perfect combination for a small living room

Coffee table and sofa wallbed bed – two names of furniture which, despite their strong associations with the past, enjoy constant popularity. And although there are many variants of the names of these furniture models: a folding bench, a lift-up bench, a bench and a table in one, a folding bed, a folding bed into a sofa … a table and a bed with a sofa hidden on the wall are great in Polish. And even better, in the offers of modern multifunctional furniture.

We rarely have the opportunity to show you this harmonious duo, because it is rare to order these pieces of furniture at the same time. We are all the more happy that we have this opportunity. We invite you to read and learn more about this solution

Coffee table and sofa wallbed like Bench Lift and ClickBed V Sofa

The Lift bench is not an ordinary table that we raise and lower when necessary. It is a multifunctional, modern solution that has much greater potential and several possibilities of use. First of all, we have a bench that is only 25 cm high when folded. Perfect for serving sushi, children’s games or (as seen in the photo) to hide under the bed.

ława rozkładana łóżko w szafie z sofąIn the raised version, it becomes a neat table with dimensions of 120×80, which fits perfectly with a sofa wallbed both in height and dimensions. But this is not the end of the possibilities of this piece of furniture. Depending on the circumstances, we can increase the surface of its table top three times. So we have a choice of a table with dimensions of 120×80 or 153×80, 186×80 and as much as 220×80! The furniture adapts to our needs. Dinner for two – please! For four – also. It promises to be a meeting with more guests – no problem. This table can handle such a challenge freely and easily.

Why is it worth choosing a multifunction table?

Every day our apartments do not sin with excessive space, and yet a full-size table is useful several times a year. Thanks to the Lift Bench, we have a comfortable, spacious table for special occasions up our sleeve, which does not take up unnecessary space on a daily basis. However, it works as a bench for the living room or a table for everyday family meals. Another advantage of this solution is the ease of use of the furniture. The table top rises and falls slightly thanks to the use of gas cylinders, and it takes only a moment to enlarge it to any size. Additionally, the Lift benches have castors that are almost invisible on a daily basis. Thanks to them, we can set the table anywhere and move it at will, without a bit of effort.

Advantages of the Lift Bench and sofa wallbed… cont.

łóżko w szafie z sofą i ławostół

Our customers, when deciding to buy sofa wallbed for the living room, often face the dilemma of what to do with a table or bench while opening the bed. As you can see in the photo, this solution does not cause this problem. Both pieces of furniture are so matched to each other that the bench literally disappears while the bed is in use. So it does not take up unnecessary space in the room and there is no need to move it every evening.

Whether the bed will only function as a guest bed, or will it be used every day, it will be easier in every situation.

Last but not least is the style of this solution. Both the sofa wallbed and the coffee table can be adapted to the space in any style. With over one hundred and several dozen types of finishes for both furniture, our multifunctional furniture will fit in any interior.

Today we devote very little space to the sofa wallbed. And all those interested in it, how the  ClickBed V Sofa work, we invite HERE.

Multifunctional furniture can do a lot!