Folding bed with desk – how to choose the best one?

A folding bed with a desk . What choice do I have? Which one to choose to match the interior? Can every  folding.  Is it a bed for children only or can it be an adult version? Get know!

A folding bed with a desk  can be a single bed, the so-called youth and children. Or a double bed, the so-called matrimonial. We write regardless of the model, because we offer several of them.

Today we are dealing with “adult” beds by recommending separate articles on children’s beds, such as ClickBed Single. The opportunity is great for this. We have just finished assembling such beds in the homes of our two clients.

So, let’s go:

Wall bed with desk, such as the ClickBed Desk

półkotapczan z biurkiemPlease have a look at the cover photo. We have a comfortable, double wallbed (marked with the O model), to the front of which we have mounted a desk. Or rather, a spacious desk top. At the request of customers, in addition to the table top, there is also a shelf on the front of the bed. Each of the elements is independently folded when opening the bed. When the front with the mattress gently drops to the level, both the desk and the shelf fold and hide under it. It is a convenient solution because we do not have to remove anything from the desk or shelves for the time of using the bed (yes, many teenagers like us very much for this solution ;-)).

All the things collected on them during the day wait for their return to the living space. And when closing and opening the bed, nothing will fall on the floor – the mechanism has been designed in such a way that thanks to gas actuators, the bed opens quickly but gently.

łóżko z biurkiem chowane w szafieThis solution is available in both basic models of wall beds – vertical and horizontal. The advantage of choosing a horizontal ClickBed Desk is the spaciousness of the table top. In the V model (i.e. opened vertically) it is usually shorter, depending on the selected width of the mattress, and thus the width of the front of the bed. The “horizontal” solution works best in narrow, long rooms where it would be difficult to spread a vertical bed. The wallbed is also easier in everyday use for people with a smaller height or with fitness problems. Thanks to its small size, you do not need to reach high for the handle that opens the bed.

Wall bed with a desk, such as the ClickBed Voila

łóżko z biurkiem chowane w szafieThe second model that we would like to introduce to you is the ClickBed Voila – a model that has only recently appeared in our offer. So, as you can see in the photos, we have a V-type bed – vertically opening. And a desk top that can be mounted on the front of the bed. But also works well mounted directly on the wall. We like this solution very much because of its versatility. Our customers like this model for the possibility of folding the table top “vertically” also when the bed is closed. Thanks to this, we additionally save space in the living space.

łóżko z rozkładanym biurkiem

We offer this solution to people who are looking for a bed with desk for a small room. Thanks to this, we obtain three variants of “existence” of the bed. We can open them and enjoy a comfortable, full-size bed. During the day, we can close them and use the desk space. And if we do not need the latter, we fold the desk top and our multifunctional bed “disappears”. Unfortunately, one message will not please people who do not like cleaning. In the Voila model, each opening of the bed requires cleaning the desk …

And the last information today. Both models of beds feature two protection mechanisms against unexpected opening. The first of them are the decelerators. Thanks to which the beds gently and calmly sink to the level. The second is a small lock with a key visible on the front of the beds. It is not necessary but at the request of customers we install such a solution.