Plywood furniture – folding bed with trendy finish

półkotapczan z biurkiem

Plywood furniture a folding bed or wall bed  because thats the kind of furniture we know best. And plywood is ita good idea to choose this kind of  finish for such bed? Read:

Plywood furniture a fashionable comeback

Plywood is a material that enjoyed the triumphs ofpopularitya good few decades ago. Let say true, it was a questionable popularity. The quality of this material at the time left much to be desired. Thats why today, when plywood is making a comeback, some customers are apprehensive about using it in furniture design. Especially demanding ones such as multifunctional furniture. Not knowing that plywood is one of the most durable materials for furniture construction.

półkotapczan z biurkiemModern plywood differs from its predecessor in quality. Thus, choosing a piece of furniture made of it, we can be sure that it will be durable, resistant to damage and will enjoy a great appearance for years. And isnt that what we expect from beds in the closet?

Few people also know that plywood is environmentally friendly and fully degradable. The most popular types of plywood are made from pine, beech, alder and birch. So they will be perfect for any interior, where the owners focus on simplicity, naturalness and ecology.

And thats not the end of its benefits. Thanks to its texture, it adds lightness to the room, so it looks good even in the smallest space. And yet closet beds usually stand in for such.

łóżko w szafie z biurkiem

Thanks to the variety of veneers (exotic wood plywood is also available on the market) they look great in Scandinavian or industrial style rooms, which are the most fashionable interior trends at the moment.

And last but not least in contrast to furniture made of solid wood furniture made of plywood is a cheaper solution, and equally durable. So more and more often our customers too, are opting for wall beds finished with plywood.

Clickbed Single furniture from the past in a modern version

półkotapczan z biurkiemThe pictures show our wall bed with a desk, conceived as a solution for small childrens and youth rooms. In both projects the clients decided to use plywood as a finishing material in the furniture arrangement. In the first installment, we can see the ClickBed Single as part of larger room, in the second as a single piece of furniture. In our humble opinion, they look good in both.

By the way, take a look at how friendly wall bed is for narrow rooms. Where theres no room for a bed that opens vertically, a half couch will always do. If we add to it the function of a desk, whose top hides under the front of the bed (along with all the contents!), we have not only room with additional space saved, but also very functional in use.

So small piece of furniture is a full size bed and desk. What more could you want? ;-)