A small bedroom – how to arrange it?

mała sypialnia pomysły

A small bedroom, even an extremely small bedroom. Such a 2×2 with a catch. Is it possible to think about its sensible device at all? Space savings? Arrangement? Our answer is yes. This is what multifunctional furniture was invented for, so that even such a small space looks good, is practical and … space-saving. So that you can use it freely during the day …. How is this possible? We invite you to read:

mała sypialnia pomysłySmall bedroom – small size, many problems

The most important piece of furniture in the bedroom is of course the bed. And in such a small space as 2×2, it might seem that the only thing to determine is its optimal size and a clever idea how to squeeze them into such a small room without damaging the furniture or walls. Often this small bedroom is not even a separate room, but a recess. When a full-size bed stands in it, there is no longer a scrap of a scrap of a free centimeter left in it. And the combination of a living room with such a bedroom niche is:

  • the need to make the bed thoroughly every day – watching scattered bedding is not the nicest aesthetic experience. Not to mention the situation of sudden visits of unexpected guests …
  • the effect of “cluttering” the space – a large static piece of furniture, even in the most subtle arrangement, is a strong, visible accent lack of any freedom in arranging such a place few square meters less in everyday life

These and much more problems are solved by one piece of furniture – murphy bed.

łóżko w szafie mała sypialnia

Small bedroom – arrangement ClickBed V

Please take a look at our latest arrangement. The place where the bed stood is really small. The entire building covers 2 m. And in it we find:

  • mała sypialnia dla singla120 cm wide bed – comfort of sleep and rest equal to the traditional one
  • handy cabinets – e.g. for everyday clothes
  • lighting – not only giving a sense of intimacy, but also very practical in the evening time
  • sliding shelves – which remain invisible during the day, and are handy bedside tables at night
  • USB port – for those who do not part with their phone

In the living space, the bed practically disappears, leaving a lot of space and freedom. The entire small bedroom is also de facto disappearing. The day zone does not conflict with the night zone, and last but not least – the bed does not require daily bedding. It is enough to fasten the bedding with special straps, slightly push the bed upwards, and it will disappear by itself.

Small bedroom – details of the implementation

ClickBed V 120×210 murphy bed

Headrest: WALL 129×102 – CLAUDE 16 Front – color: RAL 9003

Mattress: Amber Dream 120×210